November Special Discount

November Special Discount!

Hello fellow Budoka!

Here we are in November! The Forests are ablaze with beautiful hues of red and yellow leaves (Koyo). Many illuminations events are also happening across the country, feasting our eyes with beautiful sceneries.

It's not only the perfect season to travel in Japan, this is also a great time to train and meet other fellow practitioners on the mats.

To accompany you this fall, you know the drill, we have picked a selection of products that will be 10% OFF!

You'll find various high-quality pieces of equipment such as Bokken, Tanto, Dogi, Calligraphies, Belts, Bags, and more.

This discount will run until November 24th, 8.30 a.m. JST, so don't miss the opportunity.

That's it for this month, enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

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