November Special Discount

10% Off on all Samue & Jinbei, Naginata & Yari, and Classic Belts!

In October, we've added a new weapon category, Naginata and Yari. Naginata were especially requested by many Koryu practitioners from the Tendo Ryu school and the Katori Shinto Ryu school, so we've done our homework and came up with this new category. As usual when we add a new category, we offer a 10% discount for a month, so those who were waiting for the products can get them at a special price.

We've also added new Samue, 2 amazing products made from the same fabric, at the same workshop as our Aikidogi. The quality is outstanding but since they're made of Japan grown cotton they're quite expensive. Well, 10% off on Samue as well this month!

And finally, since not everyone is interested in Naginata, Yari or Samue, 10% off on all our classic belts.

In October, we've not only added new products, we've also published a new blog article on "An Interview With Master Aramaki – Bokken Artisan" relating to the YouTube interview published recently with some additional editor's notes. We've also published the second part of Aramaki's interview, and the first part of Matsuzaki Yoshiaki's interview on YouTube.

Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

Note that this offer ends on November 30th, 12 PM (Japan time)

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