New Year's Special Offer & Annual Inventory

New Year's Special Offer!

Hello fellow Budoka!
On behalf of all the Seido staff, we wish you a Happy New Year! We hope you spent some nice holidays and are ready to get back on the tatami.

Everyone at Seido is now ready to begin a whole new year and get off to a flying start! Our products are always of the best quality and crafted with a lot of care, so we decided to give you the best offers possible throughout the year. We're beginning with 10% OFF a product selection!
We selected special products for you to begin the year on a fresh start: you'll find bokken, tanto, decorative supports, calligraphies, bags, and more.

This discount will run until February 1st, 3 pm JPT.

Please also note that we will be closed on January 27th (Fri) and 30th (Mon) for our annual inventory.

December report

The end of 2022 was quite busy for everyone here with the Green Friday and Christmas periods following up, nevertheless, we had some time to add new products and an article!
  • For Kendo lovers, we added two new Tsuba: the Leather Tsuba for Shinai, and the Plastic Tsuba for Shinai. If you own a shinai, these products will be the perfect match!
  • On our series of blog articles written by Fuh-mi, we just released a new one where she focuses on the three main Kakejiku (also called sometimes kakemono) styles: Read it here.

That's it for this month, enjoy the discounts, and may 2023 be favorable to you!

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