Seido's 10 Years Anniversary Special - 3rd Edition

The Corona virus outbreak in Japan is a source of fear for many, and the Japanese government has issued a temporary closing order for all schools in Japan.

However, the situation seems relatively well kept under control and the spread of the virus is limited. The closing order for schools and the fact that most public events are being canceled will certainly help maintaining the situation under control.
If there is no fear and unconsidered anxiety here at the moment, we are a little worried about our logistic as the schools closing implies to figure out solutions to provide care for their kids. Seido is a very proactive company, and we are already considering solutions that would be partially or entirely handled by the company with the main goal to reduce the potential impact on our logistic. Of course, you would be informed of any potential delay on your orders, so no concern for you at this point.

Not that we feel happy to celebrate, but we still have a 10th anniversary in our hand, so let's move on to the 3rd part of this event!

Until March 31st, we offer presents with all orders as follows:

- All orders: a Seido Tenugui (traditional dye made in Japan).
- Orders over 10,000 YEN: Tenugui + a Seido special 10th anniversary towel. The towel is a long scarf shaped towel, made in Japan as well.
- Orders over 25,000 YEN: Tenugui + Towel + Surprise goodies. Those goodies can be key holders, Lucky Charms, patches, and more... depending on the order contents.

As you already know, our Seido Tenugui is entirely made in Japan and features the following motto: "Seishin Itto Nanigoto Ka Narazaran" or "Where there is a will, there is a way" in English.
Our Original Seido Towel has been produced specifically for this event and is also entirely made in Japan. Although it is getting increasingly harder to find made in Japan towels these days, it was of the utmost important for us that our 10-year anniversary present is made in Japan!

February Report:

- The situation regarding delayed production time and stock shortages for wooden weapons has not improved. With the beginning of the school year in March/April, we are expecting the workshops to struggle for at least 2 more months. Fortunately, the beginning of the school year isn't aligned on the international calendar (most countries start in September), so Seido shouldn't add any burden on their shoulder during this time. We are keeping the production time displayed on our website updated on a regular basis, and we will keep you informed on the situation in our newsletter as soon as the situation evolves.

- On the Youtube side, we worked on a side project in February and published the "This is Japanese martial arts" video. We hope you'll like it! We are considering producing a "Women in Martial Arts" video. Feel free to share your ideas with us in the comment section!

- On February 23rd, we conducted an interview with French Aikido master Andre Cognard, 8th Dan, disciple of master Kobayashi Hirokazu, founder of the Kobayashi Ryu Aikido group and also writer and great adept of humanities. We are quite behind schedule on video publication, but it will come on Youtube later this year.

- Our first video on the Fukushima Budo Tour event was approved by the Fukushima Prefecture and it will be published very, very soon! Other videos from this series are almost finished and will be released very soon as well.

- And we finally published 3 new blog articles, "Martial arts equipment: Is Japanese craftsmanship in danger?" that was published in 2015 (5 years later, we are unfortunately proved right), "Meiji Shrine Kobudo Embu Taikai" and "Meiji Shrine Yabusame Demonstration" which are two articles on the events organized yearly at the Meiji Shrine to celebrate Emperor Meiji's birthday.

That's all for this month. Enjoy our discounts and contents, and see you soon on!

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