Interview with Usami Hiroji

Our latest interview with Usami Hiroji is live.

Usami Hiroji sensei is very active in the community. Experienced in Aikido and Karatedo, Menkyo Kaiden in Shinkage Ryu Jujutsu, now assistant of the headmaster of his Sosuishi Ryu branch, but also part of the annual historical reconstitution of the Kagamibiraki and organizer of several Katana related events.
But the main characteristic we have noted is his noble attitude, openness and kindness.
This was an awesome encounter with a wonderful gentleman.

- Part 1/2Introduction to Sosuishi Ryu with Usami Hiroji [Interview Part 1/2 - EN/FR/JP] was published on May 11th. 
- Part 2/2Thoughts on Budo's nature w/ Usami Hiroji of the Sosuishi Ryu [Interview Part 2/2 - EN/FR/JP] was published on May 24th. 

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