Interview with Kimura Jiro

Our latest interview with Kimura Jiro Shihan is live!

To cover the many aspects of Kimura Sensei’s practice, Guillaume Erard, a Daito Ryu practitioner and Aikido historian, and Jordy Delage - who started Aikido in a group affiliated to Kobayashi Hirokazu - teamed up for a joint interview held at the master’s Dojo in Osaka. We invite you to discover a not-so-well-known portion of Aikido's practice and history with one of the kindest gentlemen we have had the opportunity to meet.

Kimura Jiro Shihan is a Japanese Aikido teacher, successor of Kobayashi Hirokazu Shihan in Japan and director of the Buikukai, one of the largest organizations affiliated with the Aikikai Foundation.
He started Aikido in 1963 as a Junior High School student under Kobayashi Hirokazu Shihan, well before the passing of Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba.
Kimura Shihan is one of the main Aikido figures of the Kansai region. He received his 8th Dan at the 2016 Kagamibiraki ceremony, at the same time as Christian Tissier and Miyamoto Tsuruzo Shihan.

This interview is published in 3 episodes, first and last on Seido's channel, and episode 2 on Guillaume Erard's channel.

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A special thanks to Josh Gold of Aikido Journal for opening its archives to us and to Guillaume Erard for this amazing collaboration.

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