Interview with Fabrice Croizé

Our latest interview with Fabrice Croizé sensei is live!

In early June 2018, we attended the annual Kyoto International seminar with Christian Tissier, Miyamoto Tsuruzo and Okamoto Yoko Shihan, on the mats, behind a booth, and behind the cameras. 

Fabrice Croizé is a French Aikidoka. He started practicing under Pierre Helley in the 90s when he was 18.
In 1995, he passed his 1st Dan and became a member of the Cercle Tissier in Paris, where he met his mentor: Christian Tissier Shihan. He became his assistant, then an official teacher of the circle where he taught teenagers as well as adults. He also taught for several years at the ESIEE Dojo (graduate school of engineering) before founding his own Dojo near Paris in 2012.
For 4 years, he participated in the technical direction of the Île-de-France league for the National Technical College of the French Aikido Federation, next to another renown practitioner: Mare Seye. He’s now the Regional Technical Representative for that same organization in the Picardie region.
5th Dan, excellent teacher and much estimated in the community, Fabrice Croizé conducts seminars in France and abroad.

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