Interview with Baptiste Tavernier

As you probaly know, Seido is not only about selling 100% handmade in Japan equipment. 
Seido is also a team of dedicated practitioners and we believe that one of our missions is to contribute to the international development of Budo and Kobudo. This is why we produce in-depth video interviews. All our interviews are offered with English and French subtitles.

Baptiste arrived in Japan in 2006 and joined the International Budo University for 8 years where he focused on the study of modern Budo and traditional Bujutsu. He is now a Renshi 6th Dan in Tankendo, 4th Dan in Jukendo and Naginata, 2nd Dan in Battodo, shodan in Bozendo, and has some experience in Aikido, Judo, Tendo Ryu Naginata-jutsu, Tatsumi Ryu Heiho and Isshin Ryu Naginata-jutsu.

Part 1/2 - From France to Tokyo's International Budo University (Part 1/2) was published on February 13th. 
Part 2/3 - Jukendo & the relevance of Budo practice in the 21st century - (temporary title) is planned for release soon. 

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Interview with Baptiste Tavernier
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