Black Friday & Cyber Monday DOUBLE FAIR!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday DOUBLE FAIR!

15% Donation to charities then 10% OFF everything

As you know, at Seido we value Budo ethics, so we consider our duty to contribute to social prosperity and help people in need, as depicted in the Philosophy of Budo.
This year's Black Friday Cyber Monday campaign will be split into two parts through a DOUBLE FAIR as we would like this event to be both ethical & a great opportunity for you to make good deals on your favorite items!
As always, our BFCM program will run from Thursday to Tuesday, so we cover all time zones as fairly as possible.

In the first part, there won't be any discounts as we will give 15% to charities for all orders!
Seido and its fellow customers have been giving to charities for several years now and we won't deviate from this rule this year (by the way, this edition will mark the fourth anniversary of our charity program that we launched during the 2018 edition of the Black Friday). From the beginning, we have been making donations to Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, UNICEF, and more recently to moreTrees. All those charities are very important to us as they are close to our hearts and beliefs.
Even if the COVID-19 situation is somewhat getting better in most developed countries, many people around the world are still suffering from the lack of treatment. That's why we decided to donate 15% of all orders to both Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF, two organizations with extended COVID-19 support programs around the world. Together, we can make a difference and work for a better future.
Please note that this first part will run until Saturday, November 27th, at 4 pm JPT.

Furthermore, we want our customers to be able to also enjoy our discounts as we do throughout the year, on the second part, the donations will be over, you will get 10% OFF everything!
Our entire catalog will be discounted, so no matter the art you practice, you will benefit from the offer: Dogi, Hakama, belts, wooden weapons, Iaito, Bags, calligraphies, accessories, and more.
Our products are well known for fulfilling the requirement of martial artists around the world and of practitioners with a strong sense of ethics and respect for Japanese traditions. 
And don't forget that Christmas is around the corner so you can also take this opportunity if you're looking for something for your loved ones.
This second part will run from Saturday, November 27th, 4 pm, to Tuesday, November 30th, 4 pm JPT.

Seido has always been entrusted by the Budo community to provide quality products along with ethical production and services. We do hope that this double fair will echo through you, both ethically and as an advised consumer.
To conclude, once again, we would like to thank you for your continuous support and for being part of this wonderful community.

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