Green Friday! Sustainable Discount, More Trees!

Green Friday! Sustainable Discount, More Trees!

10% Discount on ALL products & 10% Donation to Replant Trees

If you haven't read our last blog article yet, please check it out here: "Japanese Wooden Weapons Craftsmanship, the Beginning of the End"
You'll quickly understand that wood supply for wooden weapons is in a critical situation in Japan.
Because the covid crisis has favored weapons practice over Taijutsu, the demand for wooden weapons exploded (over 100% increase).

The past months, we searched for solutions, with the craftsmen, but also on our end, talking with other Budoka, passing the word through all our networks in both Budo and Kobudo.
And when it was time to decide what to do for the Black Friday, we immediately thought that trying to offset a little the increase in demand for wooden weapons was a great idea.

Not only we will give 10% of our sales during the whole Black Friday to MoreTrees, a Japanese NGO focused on preserving forests, we will implement, starting in the following weeks, a flat contribution for each weapon we sell.

After this Green Friday, our "Make Your Weapon Purchase Sustainable" program will be as follows:
- For each Tanto, Shoto, Nunchaku and Tonfa: 50 YEN will be donated.
- For each Bokken and Jo: 100 YEN will be donated.
- For each Bo, Naginata, Yari and Suburito: 200 YEN will be donated.

As Seido recognizes that the transportation sector is responsible for one quarter of total global carbon emissions, and that the Black Friday / Cyber Monday period alone accounts for about 10% of the year sales, in partnership with Shopify (our shopping cart provider), we will offset all carbon emissions from BFCM order deliveries.

Other ecofriendly actions at Seido:

- We are involved in the DHL GoGreen program. All Seido DHL shipments are carbon compensated.
- We recycle almost all plastic, paper and cardboard waste (this is a paid service in Japan).
- All our products are made in Japan, and we are trying to reduce to minimum product transportation
(Isn't that a waste to import from China to Japan, to then reexport to Europe or the US? Our opinion is that made in China products should be directly imported by local brands!).

Seido has always been entrusted by the Budo community to provide quality products along with an ethical production and services. By creating this Green Friday campaign and further implementing an eco program to wooden weapons sales, we are reaffirming who we are as individuals who believe in a sustainable way of life, as a corporation that takes responsibilities, and as part of a community that we believe must fight together to ensure a future to the next generations.

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