June Special Discount

June Special Discount!

Hello fellow Budoka!

We are already in the second half of June! Despite the pleasant weather of May, the old Japanese calendar refers to June as "the month of water" for a reason! The rainy season has begun, and with it, humidity levels and typhoon frequency are increasing. Despite these challenges, we are determined to continue to train and sweat on the mats.

June is also the season of fireflies! These delicate creatures light up the night sky, and we are fortunate to witness their graceful ballet of light as they fly above us. And if we are lucky enough, we can also contemplate the Terrace rice fields which are now filled with water, creating beautiful views that reflect the colorful sunset sky.

From this month, our monthly offers will now get a little bit shorter and will run for around 10 days, so don't miss the opportunity! As usual, we will offer 10% OFF a product selection.
We picked for you Iaito, Samue, bags, belts, pants, calligraphies, and more to prepare for summer!

This discount will run until June 26th, 3 pm JST.

That's it for this month, enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on SeidoShop.com!

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