Spotlight on Hidden Gems & Annual Inventory

Spotlight on Hidden Gems, 10% OFF a product selection!

Here we are in 2022! We hope you spent some nice holidays and are ready for a whole new year to come.

The pandemic situation is still concerning all around the world, please be careful and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

To begin the year, we decided to spotlight the discount on Hidden Gems with 10% OFF a product selection! Some of our products are a little less popular than others but they deserve as much attention, and, as usual with Seido, are of the best quality and crafted with a lot of care.
Thus, you'll find some Dogi, Hakama, Calligraphy, wooden weapons, accessories, bags, Kamon engravings, and many more products that you may have not thought about.

This discount will run until February 1st, 3 pm JPT.

Please also note that we will be closed on January 28th (Fri) and 31th (Mon) for our annual inventory.

December report

  • We added several new products from Fuh-mi: new Kakejiku (hanging scroll), framed calligraphies, Shikishi, and more! Check them out!
  • Following the Hakkuku Nunchaku Sunuke from Master Horinouchi (now sold out), we added the Daengata Nunchaku (Oval) version, available in 30 or 36 cm. Only a few pieces are available, don't wait too long before they are definitely gone!
  • And if you prefer the Hakkaku (octogonal) shape, we also offer the Shima Kokutan and Murasaki Kokutan versions. As the Daengata version, stocks are very limited.
  • If you missed it, we just published a short video in which Master Koreian practices his art. Master Koreian is a shodō master who makes most of our calligraphies. Watch the video on YouTube.

That's it for this month, enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

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