March Special Discount

10% OFF on Accessories, Clothing & Traditional Arts

March is here, spring will begin in a few weeks, and we hope that it will be a season for renewal and better days. The Covid situation at Seido is now better and everything is back to normal. As you may imagine, last month was quite complicated for everyone at the office, there was a lot of incertitude and concern regarding our colleagues but we are now seeing a brighter future coming our way.
Japan also announced a partial reopening of its borders, and we hope that this time, our new team member will finally be able to come back to Japan and join us in the following weeks. 
We want to thank you again for all your support and your understanding.
But, it's not time to ease off on the pressure yet, the COVID crisis is not over, we all have to remain careful and take care of each other!

Our (short) discount on Belts & Embroideries is now over, and as spring is coming, we wanted to give you the opportunity to decorate your dojo or your home with a 10% OFF discount on traditional arts!
At Seido, we propose two calligraphy line-ups: one made by Shodo Master Koreian Saiun, proposing various traditional Kakejiku (hanging scrolls), and one made by renowned international artist Fuh-mi, who proposes different styles of calligraphies, with a more contemporary touch, whether in the choice of media or technique.

Alongside these products, the discount also applies to our Accessories and Clothing collections. If you need new Bags, clothing, or footwear to renew your wardrobe, this is the perfect occasion! Zekken for Iaido and Kendo are included in this deal, and let's not forget that goodies are also part of the selection!

This discount will run until March 31st, 3 pm JPT. (Update: Due to our Charity Event regarding Ukraine, this discount will end on March 29th, 3 pm JPT).

February report

We are still publishing Kagami Biraki & Budo Hajime videos from the event that was held in the legendary Nippon Budokan in January. If you haven't yet, check out our dedicated playlist!

That's it for this month, enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

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