December Special Discount

December Special discount

10% OFF a selection of In-stock Items + Special Thank You Present (Out of Stock)

Update: Presents are now out of stock! Thank you all for your support!

Here we are, already in December! Our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Double Fair just ended, closing a busy month for Seido. We want to thank you very much for all your orders during this event. It was a big success, your support was very much appreciated, and thanks to your generosity, we have collected 226899 Yen that we will donate to Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF. Our community showed one more time that we can do great things together and help to build a better world.

As every year, our December "Xmas" sales start right after the BFCM event, we will wait a little bit more to take a rest! For this month's special discount, we will offer 10% OFF a selection of In-stock Items. We selected Dogi, Belts, Bags, Iaito, and many more products that you can easily order and receive right before Christmas! No matter your Martial Art or the one practiced by your closed ones, you'll surely find the perfect item. Don't forget, the very last day allowing for deliveries before Christmas is December 16th!

In addition to this discount, we will be offering a special Towel for ALL orders over 10,000 Yen! It's featuring Seido's motto: "Seishin Itto Nanigoto Ka Narazaran" which can be roughly translated as "where there is a will, there is a way"! This 100% made-in-japan towel has been specially designed by our team for this discount, we hope you'll like it. (Please note that this "collector" item is limited to 500 pieces ;) )

Please note that this discount will end on December 24th, at 3pm Japan Time, so be sure to don't miss it!

November Report

Last month was very busy for all of our staff but we added a new exclusive product that will please wooden weapons lovers: the Hakkaku Nunchaku (Octagonal) Sunuke by Master Horinouchi! When the Horinouchi workshop went out of business at the end of 2019, they left some machines and their stock at the Aramaki workshop. Master Aramaki knows that Seido is run by people with a passion for wooden weapons, so he gave us priority for the stock and we took everything.
We are releasing this special product, for the very last Sunuke Nunchaku ever made by the Horinouchi workshop. First come, first served.

That's it for this month, enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

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