June Special Discount

June Special Sale
10% OFF on All Weapon Bags & All Accessories

The All Japan Aikido is over, and we've decided to offer a discount on the most popular items of the event: our weapon bags. Although a few companies offer made in Japan bags, Seido has the widest range of  weapon bags especially made for Aikido. 
As Aikidoists ourselves, we thought that what is offered on the market is rather poor and of very low quality (mostly made in China) and we worked with 2 workshops on our lineup, a few years ago. A very interesting fact is that those workshops barely knew anything about Aikido, and they had never produced any Aikido bags before (one of them being the supplier of the 2nd biggest martial arts equipment company in Japan, it shows how little attention was paid to those items by other brands).

We hope this discount will be a good occasion for you to get a new high quality bag, especially made for Aikido !

This discount will be valid until June 30th

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