Embroidered Kendo Zekken

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Attention: logo embroidery must be discussed prior to placing your order. Undiscussed demands will be ignored and refunded without notice.
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  • Embroidered Kendo Zekken

    This Zekken is made to order in our high quality embroidery workshop. We offer 3 types of fabric, Tetron (polyester/rayonne), #8000 Cotton and #10000 Aizome Cotton. #8000 and #10000 Cotton are similar to the cotton used for our Hakama. The #8000 is available in black and navy, the #10000 is Aizome (traditional indigo) only.

    Usual positions of scripts:
    - 1. Top (horizontal): Country/Region/Dojo/Club's name, in English or Japanese
    - 2. Center (vertical): Name (usually family) in Japanese
    - 3. Bottom (horizontal): Name (usually family) in English

    Letter size: The size of letters will be adjusted at the biggest possible size depending on the contents requested so that it fits the available space. The more letters will be requested, the smaller they will be.

    Total size: 18 cm x 26 cm.
    Please note that customers having a very long name (over 10 letters in English, over 5 or 6 letters in Japanese) are recommended to use a nickname or short name, at least for the central position in Japanese. If your name is too long to fit, our customer service will contact you within 2 working days.

    Languages: You can select the language for each position at your convenience.
    Fonts (style): Gyoshotai (cursive) or Kaishotai (Standard) for Japanese and Block or Cursive for English. Please note that cursive will always be lowercase and is therefore not possible for the central position (vertical). Transcription is free. If you type your name in English and select a Japanese font, we will automatically make the transcription in Japanese.
    The transcription if free of charge, but feel free to attach a file if you already have your name or dojo name translated or if you already have a Zekken. Note that we do extensive research before translating names and that our choices will not be discussed if no transcription/image has been provided.

    Logo or flag embroideries must be discussed prior to your order. Requests not discussed in advance will be ignored.


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Embroidered Kendo Zekken: ¥3,500


Made to Order | Production: ~ | No Exchanges/Refunds
Order today and we will ship before
In stock: ships within 2 working days
Order today and we will ship before
Availability : around (Shipping date estimation)
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