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  • Kakejiku - Custom Made Calligraphy

    Made in Japan
    Master name Koreian Saiun
    Material: Japanese washi paper | Cotton | Synthetic silk
    Calligraphy size (paper): depends on the contents

    This module allows you to order a Kakejiku with the Japanese characters you like.
    The maximum number of characters is 4, and our partner craftsman will only calligraphy Japanese characters.
    The final size is variable depending on the contents and production of the master.

    Please note that the Master producing this calligraphy is a Monk practicing various ceremonies and retreats. Production time is usually around 5 weeks, but it may take longer depending on the Master schedule.

    This Kakejiku is made of traditional "Washi" Japanese paper. The paper is stuck on a traditional piece of cloth made of pure cotton. The Ichimonji (decorative bands at the top and bottom) are made of a very traditional mix of cotton and synthetic silk called Donsu. The synthetic silk used for this Donsu is made of pre-dyed fibers, which is the best and most traditional process for Donsu production. Made by Master Koreian, this product is nothing but a piece of art, made in the most traditional way. Each piece is, of course, sealed with the master craftsman's seal.

    Writing contents

    The content must be of a maximum of 4 Kanji (Japanese characters).
    - Please contact us prior to your order for quotation if you would like more than 4 Kanji.
    - Contents is in Japanese only. If you are not sure of the content (cannot pick it from Wikipedia or another site), please consult us prior to your order to confirm the number of Kanji.
    - For Japanese well known concepts and martial arts nouns, you can write in English in this box (even if it is longer than 4 letters in English). Also feel free to copy paste from the convenience list below.
    Budo names Concepts
    Budo: 武道
    Aikido: 合氣道
    Battojutsu: 抜刀術
    Bojutsu: 棒術
    Aiki-jujutsu: 合気柔術
    Iaido: 居合道
    Iaijutsu: 居合術
    Jodo: 杖道
    Judo: 柔道
    Jukendo: 銃剣道
    Jujutsu: 柔術
    Karatedo: 空手道
    Kendo: 剣道
    Kenjutsu: 剣術
    Kenpo: 拳法
    Kyudo: 弓道
    Kyujutsu: 弓術
    Naginatajutsu: 薙刀術
    Ninjutsu: 忍術
    Shoshin: 初心 (beginner's mind)
    Fudoshin: 不動心 (imperturbability, immovable mind)
    Zanshin: 残心 (state of relaxed alertness)
    Mushin: 無心 (Empty mind)
    Heijoshin: 平常心 (steady mind)
    Shingitai: 心技体 (Heart, technique and body as one)
    Ichigo Ichie: 一期一会 (one time, one meeting)
    Katsujinken: 活人剣 (Life giving sword)
    Satsujinken: 殺人剣 (Life taking sword)
    Ichinichi Ippo: ー日一歩 (One day, one step)
    Kacho Fugetsu: 花鳥風月 (Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon)
    Kensho: 見性 (seeing one's true nature)
    Shunkashuto: 春夏秋冬 (spring, summer, autumn, winter)
    Nanakorobi Yaoki: 七転八起 (Fall down seven times, stand up eight)

    Writing Style

    In Shodo, mastery is often divided into 3 categories, corresponding to 3 different styles, each one more advanced than the former, similarly to the concept of Shu-ha-ri: Kaisho, Gyosho and Sosho.

    • Kaishotai: Kaisho represents the most basic/academic style, the Kanji are clearly recognizable, and written the same way they would be in regular writing. Kaisho is "the form", the standard way to write Japanese Kanji. It is very readable but does not have much "temper". It's the less creative form.
    • Gyoshotai: Gyosho is the semi-cursive style, a style in which the Shodo practitioner starts to express himself. The Kanji are still easily readable by Japanese natives, but much harder to read for non-native readers. There can be significant variations depending on the master's state of mind at the time he performs his art.
    • Soshotai: Sosho represents the separation from the academic form, a style that allows the master to completely express himself; the Kanji are usually very difficult to read or recognize, even by Japanese native readers. This is the option we recommend if you want to appreciate the master's art to its fullest extent.

    Kakejiku Style

    • Maruhyoso Kakejiku: it is made of 4 sections, the top section called "Ten" (Heaven in English), the bottom section called Chi (Earth in English), and the two pillars on the right and left sides supporting the Heaven. Because Kakejimu were observed from a Seiza position, providing perspective, the Heaven part is longer than the Earth part, for balance.
    • Sandanhyoso Kakejiku: Divided the same way as Maruhyoso, it differentiates by the "Ichimonji" at both top and bottom of the calligraphy itself. Ichimonji simply means "straight line" and usually refers to a straight strip decorated with a traditional pattern. The Ichimonji part is made of a different fabric. The "Futai", or tassels (two pieces of fabric hanged at the top) are made from the same fabric/pattern as the Ichimonji.

    Note about seal: the master has several seals, selected depending on various components only known by the master, so the seal cannot be determined at the time of the order.

    About master Koreian Saiun (虹嶺庵彩雲):

    All our calligraphy are made by Master Koreian Saiun as he goes by his Shodo master name. Master Koreian started calligraphy in his childhood, before entering the priesthood at the age of 17 years old. He won several prices and often does solo exhibits. As a true Shodo master, he also teaches within the official Japanese Shodo association.
    Those calligraphy being real piece of art, our approach is to limit instructions liberty from the customer so the artist can fully express himself.
    Feel free to have a look to the master's Twitter profile in which some of his work regularly shared.
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Kakejiku - Custom Made Calligraphy: ¥25,000


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Order today and we will ship before
In stock: ships within 2 working days
Order today and we will ship before
Availability : around (Shipping date estimation)
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