Cotton Canvas Carry Bag Bokken/Jo/Tanto & Tote Bag

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  • Reinforced Cotton Canvas #8 Bokken/Jo/Tanto & Tote Bag

    Made in Japan

    Material: 100% cotton canvas #8

    Weapon Bag > Length: 152 cm |  Weight: 260 g

    Tote Bag > Length: 45 cm | Width: 44 cm  | Weight: 380 g

    Available colors: navy blue or black

    Name plate option: Synthetic leather plate with embroidered name (maximum 1 name)

    With its total length of 152 cm, this bag allows storage of a full weapons set including bokken, jo, and tanto.
    This bag is made ​​of a Cotton Canvas #8 used to make the sails of ships, extremely strong, it is available in navy blue or black.
    The bottom part is reinforced. The large shoulder strap ensures a comfortable transport. The closure straps is as the traditional Japanese Shinai bags. One additional tightening straps allow the fixation of the weapons so that they do not collide.
    Last but not least, the tanto pocket located on the inside allows the storage of a standard length tanto (30 cm maximum).

    The "Tote" Bag is made ​​of the same fabric as the Cotton Canvas #8. It can house a Dogi and a Hakama. A separation in the center allows you to separate the Dogi and the Hakama. In addition, a utility pocket that can hold a federation passport has also been added. These two elements are the Aikido adaptation of the traditional equipment manufactured for decades for Kendo.

    Each bag can be ordered alone.

    "Name Plate" Option (+1,000 JPY): Optionally, you can add a name plate embroidered with your name. This plate is made of synthetic leather, and will be directly integrated on the bag before shipping.
    Please note: given the little space available, it is only possible to embroider either a first name, a last name, or a word (Aikido, Aikibudo etc.)
    For more information about Japanese embroidery, please consult the page "How to Choose your Japanese Embroidery".

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Cotton Canvas Carry Bag Bokken/Jo/Tanto & Tote Bag: ¥6,600


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In stock: ships within 2 working days
Order today and we will ship before
Availability : around (Shipping date estimation)
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