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  • Japanese Wooden Weapons Craftsmanship, the Beginning of the End

    Last January, I published an article on the future of wooden weapons craftsmanship in Japan. 
    After the closing of the Horinouchi workshop who held about 40% of the production, the production capacity dropped and the situation quickly became critical.
    Where are we one year later? Well, it's not looking good, not at all.
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  • Aikido and the lack of sponsorship A relationship that is about to evolve.

    Dictionaries define sponsorship as: Money that is given, usually by a company, to support a person, organisation or activity — The act of sponsoring someone or something or of being sponsored. Let's be clear, sponsors’ primary goal is to make money: brands hope to gain visibility in return for their sponsorship and thus generate more revenues over the short or long term. So why is Aikido so desperately lacking for sponsors? As we are about to establish a partnership with the 5th Aiki Taikai and the 8th Traditional Martial Arts Night (NAMT - France), let’s use this opportunity to dwell on the subject.
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  • Wooden Weapon Workshop Horinouchi Closing

    For a decade, Seido has been deeply involved in assisting/counseling its partner craftsmen to help them going through this difficult time. Today, it is with heavy sadness in our hearts that we have to publicly announce that we failed at providing enough support to the Horinouchi workshop, to the point that the workshop is closing mid-September 2019. Let's start with a quick translation of the letter we received from the workshop in early August 2019.

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  • A letter from Master Aramaki

    The past few months, we've spent a great deal of time publishing our interviews made at the last wooden workshops of Japan this summer. Aramaki and Matsuzaki's interviews are already live and Nidome's interview is almost ready too. Following our encounter, and consistently with the subject we've discussed in those interviews, Master Aramaki sent a letter to all his partners presenting the situation at his workshop. Here is a free translation of this letter.

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  • How Seido Supported Shopify development in Japan

    No, it’s not directly related to Budo, but nonetheless, it’s an interesting story that some of our followers may appreciate. Seido was one of the main contributors to the translation and release in Japan of the world number one e-commerce store provider. Why did we invest time in this? How did this happen? Trust us, we had good reasons!

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  • Our Story - Who are we and where we come from

    Our story began in the summer of 2005, when the founder of BudoExport and Seido, Jordy, arrived in Japan. 19 years of age at the time and without university degree, he devoted one year to intensive Aikido practice before enrolling in a three year study course focusing on Japanese and Japanese culture in France and Japan. During those years, he continued to spend much of his time in different Dojos, also getting into Kendo and Judo.

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  • The Questionable Origin of Most of the Budo Equipment

    As Budoka, most of us feel having moral values superior to those only practicing “sports”, we like to believe that we are better. Are you—as Budoka—more concerned by human conditions and human rights? Are you concerned with the origin of the products you buy and wear? Take your Dogi, your belt and have a look at the label. Pakistan? Bangladesh? China? Japan? Let us examine under what conditions your equipment is manufactured.

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