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【UPS & FedEx Shipping Upgrade】FedEx now replaces UPS for European countries. Shipping Upgrade drops from 600~1,000 YEN to 500 YEN.
UPS Shipping Upgrade is now free of charge for orders over 10,000 YEN (instead of 15,000 YEN) (limited to certain countries).
We also made FedEx available for the following countries : Greenland, Hungary, Isreal, Ireland, Monaco, Poland, Norway and Slovak Republic.

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Aikido Set

About our Wooden Weapons

The wooden weapons proposed by Seido are mainly manufactured at the Nidome workshop, a small workshop in the south of Japan, in the region of Miyakonojo, run by two brothers who picked up the family tradition. It is a small workshop, but our team has really been impressed by the work done by these craftsmen.

In this section, we will present a series of bokken, jo, and tanto sets, as well as a complete bokken, jo and tanto set. Just like for our individual weapons, these sets are available in different woods such as red and white oak, isu no ki, sunuke, etc. You can refer to the page "How to choose your Bokken/Wood" to help you make your choice. Please note that all models are not available in all wood types. Please refer to the detailed information on each product page.

All bokken can be engraved directly in our facilities within a few days.

Finally, most of our weapons can be ordered either painted (urethane) or unvarnished. Unvarnished weapons require more maintenance but their touch is without comparison. Unvarnished weapons are significantly more expensive because of the more extensive polishing and because these are oiled by our team with camellia oil.

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