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Aikido Hakama Size & Comparative Chart

As an expert in the manufacture of aikido equipments, Seido can provide you with the technical details and sizes of all its models. These measurements correspond to the measurements out of the workshop, not including shrinkiage (for Aizome models). Note that our Hakama are hand crafted, so slight variations are possible. All measurements are in centimeters and kilograms.

Hakama Size Table & Length

Male Size
tied on the hips
SizeHakama Length *Female Size
tied on the waist
145 cm ~ 151 cm 20 75 cm 140 cm ~ 144 cm
152 cm ~ 154 cm 21 79 cm 145 cm ~ 147 cm
155 cm ~ 157 cm 22 83 cm 148 cm ~ 150 cm
158 cm ~ 159 cm 22.5 85 cm 151 cm ~ 152 cm
160 cm ~ 161 cm 23 87 cm 153 cm ~ 154 cm
162 cm ~ 164 cm 23.5 89 cm 155 cm ~ 156 cm
165 cm ~ 166 cm 24 91 cm 157 cm ~ 159 cm
167 cm ~ 169 cm 24.5 93 cm 160 cm ~ 162 cm
170 cm ~ 171 cm 25 95 cm 163 cm ~ 164 cm
172 cm ~ 173 cm 25.5 97 cm 165 cm ~ 166 cm
174 cm ~ 176 cm 26 99 cm 167 cm ~ 169 cm
177 cm ~ 178 cm 26.5 100 cm 170 cm ~ 171 cm
179 cm ~ 180 cm 27 102 cm 172 cm ~ 173 cm
181 cm ~ 183 cm 27.5 104 cm 174 cm ~ 176 cm
184 cm ~ 187 cm 28 106 cm 177 cm ~ 179 cm
188 cm ~ 190 cm 28.5 108 cm 180 cm ~ 182 cm
191 cm ~ 193 cm 29 110 cm 183 cm ~ 185 cm
194 cm ~ 195 cm 29.5 112 cm 186 cm ~ 188 cm
196 cm ~ 200 cm 30 114 cm 189 cm ~ 190 cm

Size 22 to 24.5 > front belt: 400 cm / back belt: 180 cm | Size 25 to 30 > front belt: 420 cm / back belt: 200 cm

* Standard Tetron Hakama (AH300) has its own belt lengh chart. Please consider the product page for details.

* The measurement of the Hakama length is made from below the bottom of the front strap, to the bottom of the hakama. The Nobakama is usually worn a size shorter than the traditional hakama.

How to Choose your Size

1 - Hakama Length

Size corresponds to the ancient Japanese "Kujira-shaku" system used mainly in the manufacture of traditional clothing.
1 Kujira-shaku = 3.79 cm - A hakama size 27 is therefore 27 x 3.79 cm = 102.3 cm

This length is measured from the bottom of the front strap to the bottom of the Hakama at its center. Unlike Iaido or Kendo, Aikido Hakama are adjusted to be worn with a thinner belt (Judo-type belt).

Traditionally, Hakama should fall just above the external ankle, however, in Aikido, it is common to wear longer hakama. The sizes we suggest above are for a "long" port (below the lateral ankle).

To make your choice, we recommend you wear a friend's Hakama and check its length, depending on your preferences but also on your body type (including the position of your hips and the length of your legs).

If you wear a traditional "Obi" i.e. a wide belt (kakuobi type), we advise you to contact us so that we adapt your order where the lengths of the front and rear will be adapted to the use of this type of Obi.

Finally, please note that this system of size (25, 26, 27 etc.) is broadly used in Japan only. When you try the hakama of a friend, make sure that it is a hakama "made in japan", or measure the front yourself.

2 - Strap lengths

The length of the Seido Hakama straps is 400 cm at the front and 180 cm at the back until the size 24.5 and 420 cm and 200 cm from size 25.

Check the length of the straps:
- Front strap : "waist size" x 4 + ~80 cm
- Back strap : "waist size x 2 + 20 cm~ 30 cm

Standard Seido Hakama can be worn up to 90 cm ~ 95 cm in waist

For practitioners with waist measuring more than 90 cm ~ 95 cm, and to avoid disharmony in the port of Hakama, we advise a made to measures manufacturing. Not only the straps will be perfectly adapted to your waistline, but the front, back, and Koshiita will be expanded. For practitioners over 115 cm waist, we can also offer custom "extra large" size.

How to Choose your model

Hakama fall into two categories, synthetic fabrics (Tetron, Polyester, Polyester/linen) and 100% cotton (black/navy or Aizome)

Synthetic models are easier to maintain, have extremely low bleed through (or not), the pleats last longer, and they are generally lighter than cotton models.

The 100% Cotton models are more difficult to maintain and should be carefully folded after each class. They are heavier and slower to dry. However, they are more "traditional" and almost indestructible.
Aizome cotton rubs off a lot and requires special treatment explained in the section "How to take care of your equipment".
However, the black/navy cotton model does not fade. This is a good compromise between synthetic models and traditional Aizome dying.

FabricTetronPolyester CashmerePolyester / Linen
Cotton Black/NavyCotton Bushu Aizome
Weight (size 27) ~1 kg ~1.2 kg ~0.85 kg ~1.2 kg ~1.25 kg~1.4 kg
Maintenance Very easy to fold and to maintain. Very easy to fold and to maintain. Easy to fold and to maintain. Difficult to fold
Easy to wash
Difficult to fold and to maintain.
Particularities Color and rub off slightly (not during washing) Slightly shiny fabric. The fabric is particularly thin, the pants can be seen very slightly by transparency. If badly folded, folds eventually fade. If badly folded, folds eventually fade. Color rubs a lot.
Types Ideal for daily practice. For winter / demonstrations. For summer. For practitioners loving heavy hakama. For practitioners seeking tradition.
Durability **** **** *** ***** *****