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  • Yagyu Ryu Bokken - Sunuke or Tsubaki

    Made in Japan (Kyushu)

    Flat Spine | Flat butt | Small Kissaki

    Sunuke or Tsubaki available

    This Bokken is made from a single piece of Sunuke or Tsubaki (Camellia japonica) wood from the southern islands of Kyushu (Japan). Very pleasant to use and very popular among aikidoka. Its curve is almost identical to that of a conventional model, but thinner and a lot lighter.

    Particularly oriented for practice in precision and finesse, this model is not designed to withstand shocks. Depending on the weight and strength desired, this model is available in either sunuke or tsubaki (camellia).

    The sunuke model has a very characteristic brown color, it is relatively heavy and can support medium shocks. It will be recommended for practice in finesse, with a thin bokken that still retains a significant weight. The Sunuke model allows a slightly heavier bokken, while maintaining the interest of the working in finesse.

    The Tsubaki (camellia) model is a light-colored model very pleasant to the touch and much lighter. It is one of the lightest bokken in our catalog. Camellia supports shocks relatively well, however, the thinness of this bokken will tend to make it weaker. It is recommend for finesse work without contact. The tsubaki model is an extremely light bokken, extremely difficult to control with precision.

    This Bokken is mainly used by the Owari branch of the Yagyu Shinkage Ryu but should also be especially suited to practitioners of the 3A (Koyabayashi Hirokazu) school of Aikido as well as pupils of the late Tamura Shihan.

    • Choice of wood species: Sunuke or Tsubaki (camellia)
    • Available finish: unvarnished (camellia oil polish).
    • Manufacturing workshop: Nidome for all models

    Non varnished - Oil polish option:

    All our high-end are offered unvarnished (polished with camellia oil) although they are much more pleasant to the touch as well as use with the latter.
    Unvarnished weapons are more ecologically-friendly, but they requires regular (monthly) maintenance with oil (camellia or wood maintenance oil) and they can only be made from the finest woods of Japanese quality. Given the need for maintenance of these weapons, our stocks are limited. Also, since the craftsmen must select the best wood possible to manufacture these weapons, the processing time is longer than for varnished weapons. If out of stock or made to order, the shipping time can take up to 6 weeks in case of shortage.

    Yagyu Ryu Bokken Specifications
    Wood Sunuke Tsubaki
    Weight 450 ~ 500 g 350 ~ 400 g
    Full length 101.5 cm
    Blade length 75.5 cm
    Tsuka length 26 cm
    Tsuka diameter 30 x 22 mm
    Mine Hiramine (flat spine)
    Tsuka shape Taira (flat butt)
    Kissaki Shokissaki (Small Kissaki)
    Sori Standard curvature

    *Due to the hand-made manufacturing, color and weight may vary slightly from one weapon to another

    About Yagyu Ryu style:

    The Yagyu Kenjutsu school was founded in 16th century by Yagyu Tajima no kami Muneyoshi. However "Yagyu Ryu" does not refer to a particular school but generally groups of Yagyu Ryu schools. Indeed, the Yagyu samurai clan yielded many famous swordsmen who were responsible for the creation of many branches of the Yagyu school, incorporating some techniques known from other schools (including the Yagyu Shinkage Ryu regrouping techniques from Yagyu Ryu and Shinkage Ryu). This Bokken is used by the Owari branch (Nagoya) and by many Aikidoists across the globe.
    The term "Yagyu Ryu" is often used instead of "Yagyu Shinkage Ryu Owari Branch" to name this school as if it has became minor in number of practionners, the Owari branch is the main line while the Yagyu Shinkage Ryu (Edo Branch) is the a splited line.

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