White Hinomaru Tessen

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  • White Hinomaru Tessen - Japanese steel war fan

    Made in Japan

    Materials: Steel, hard Japanese paper

    Size: 1 shaku (30.3 cm)

    Weight: ~240 g

    This Tessen, traditional Japanese war fan, consists of a matte black steel frame mounted with traditional Japanese white paper with the "Hinomaru", the famous red disk representing the sun, and symbol of Japan. On the rear, the paper is black and has a golden "Hinomaru". The balance of hard red gold on the front "omote" (front), and gold disk on black paper on the back "ura" (rear) originates in the Taoist "Inyo" (yin and yang) tradition.

    The Tessen was typically worn by samurai when no other weapon was allowed. They are still used today by some Koryu having developed fighting techniques using this fan.

    In Aikido, the fan was used by the founder Morihei Ueshiba to demonstrate some of the principles of aikido. Morihei Ueshiba was also trained in "Tessen Jutsu", the art of fighting in the fan of war.
    Upon first touch, the steel Tessen feels surprisingly heavy, and it is only then that one can capture the difficulty of using such an object as a weapon.

    Traditional Japanese manufacturing. The persimon or "Kaki" in Japanese, is a fruit ,used to obtain a dye very close to the gold gilding.

    Delivered wrapped in traditional "Nishinjin-ori" cloth, inside a traditional Japanese box.

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White Hinomaru Tessen: ¥27,000
Made to Order | Production: ~ | No Exchanges/Refunds
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