Sunuke Horizontal Sword Stand - 2 levels

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Trees that from which Sunuke wood is extracted are now entirely protected. The only source now comes from trees that fell naturally, which is not enough to ensure a stable production, and resulted in complete shortage of Sunuke. Orders are suspended and may reopen time to time if Sunuke becomes available (we do not know when and how much it will cost).
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Product Information & Size Chart

  • Sunuke Horizontal Sword Stand (Katanakake)

    Made in Japan (Kyushu region)

    Wood: 100% Sunuke - Lacquered

    Size: 2 levels.

    Dimensions: Weight : 1100 g Width: 36.5 cm Height :32.5 cm Depth : 18 cm

    This decorative (katanakake) support is ideal for the storage of your Bokken, Shoto, Jo, and Iaito. It is made of exclusive high end Japanese Sunuke wood. It is lacquered with a slightly brownish lacquer that reinforce the dark color of the Sunuke wood.
    Made by the Aramaki workshop.

    Delivered non-assembled, easy to build (no screws).
    This model can be engraved within the "Product Customizations" section above this description.

    About Sunuke (Hamamelidaceae):

    The Sunuke (Hamamelidaceae) comes from 250 and 400 years old "Isu no ki" trees. Logging quotas established by the government of the archipelago on this tree make it a rare and precious wood. With its dark brown color, Sunuke is a very dense and heavy wood, it sustains shocks relatively poorly. The "cheap" Sunuke Bokken are usually dyed. Our weapons are all guaranteed 100% natural Sunuke. The Sunuke weapons are particularly heavy and are not suitable for full contact practice. They are excellent however for practice Suburi or to practice Kata for the development of Tenouchi and Tanren work. Note that Sunuke made weapons weight can significantly vary depending on available material.
    Sunuke has become a very rare wood and it is expected to become unavailable for weapon products relatively soon.

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Sunuke Horizontal Sword Stand - 2 levels: ¥36,000


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