Solid Transport Case for Iaito

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  • Solid Transport Case for Iaito

    Made in Japan
    Material: Nylon, Synthetic Leather, Plastic
    Length: 109 cm | Diameter: 10 cm Weight: 830 g
    Available Colors: Navy only

    As requested by many customers, we designed this special solid plastic case for Iaito. Ideal to transport your weapons in everyday life, without any damage risk, and especially in public transports (in trains, planes, etc.). This case hase a special hook for locking the zipper with a padlock (not included).
    Please make sure to check the full length of your sword before purchasing this product (it should fit most Iaito up to 2.50~2.55 shaku). The case is only available in navy.

    This case does not feature any name plate space and cannot be embroidered.

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Solid Transport Case for Iaito: ¥15,000


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