Seido Special Carry Bag Bokken/Jo/Tanto (Clarino)

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  • Seido Special Clarino Bag for Bokken, Jo & Tanto

    Made in Japan
    Material: Clarino
    Length: 130 cm  | Width: 11 cm Weight: 550 g
    Name Plate Option: Embroidered name plate made of synthetic leather (maximum 1 name/word)

    If you are looking for the top of the top of the "Seido" carry bag catalog for Aikido weapons (wooden sword and Jo), this is the one.
    Most of our other bags are renewed designs of already existing Shinai and Bokken bags, but this model is completely different. It has been designed by Seido from scratch, based on years of experience in Aikido practice and feedback from customers.

    The overall design seems very classical, but we've changed almost everything.
    First of all, the Clarino fabric is the synthetic leather of highest quality on the market. Invented by the Japanese company Kuraray Co., Ltd, and made in Japan, its purpose it to reproduce suede leather. It is mainly used in footwear, handbags and law enforcement duty gears. The Clarino fabric achieves significantly better results in many aspects, in particular when it comes to overall strength and resistance to water.
    In order to better protect your weapons, the interior is made of a special thick mesh fabric. This fabric allows for an excellent shock absorption while keeping the material very breathable, an important characteristic when storing wooden weapons. It combines perfectly with Clarino, which is a micro-perforated material that breathes as well as genuine leather.

    Of course, we kept the shoulder strap, but we've decided to use a large strap made of nylon for maximum comfort. It is secured via artificially oxidized brass fittings to give it an antique look, and they are sewn into an upper layer of Clarino to improve the durability. It is of course adjustable and removable.
    The handle is made of aluminium, plastic and Clarino for maximum comfort. It also is secured with an outer layer of Clarino sewn to the bag, for maximum durability. We have placed the handle in such a position that when the bag contains all three Bokken, Jo and Tanto, the balance is slightly off on its back. This will prevent the bag to rock up and down, keeping your moves easier when walking.
    Despite the absence of Tsuba in most Aikido school, we've decided to keep the Tsuba pocket on the outside. It's a popular pocket, as you can store Tsuba and Tsubadome, but also a small bottle of oil and some sandpaper for weapong cleaning/oiling.

    The long zipper will allow you to retrieve your Bokken easily without having to return the bag entirely.
    The Tanto pocket kept the same form as on the synthetic leather model. This design was invented by our team and still does its job perfectly. It allows to store a Tanto up to 40 cm long (which covers our Seido orignal extra long Tanto)
    Finally, to give a small "designer touch" to the bag, we've chosen to reinforce the bottom with a piece of synthetic leather, with a slightly different shade than the Clarino fabric.

    This bag is designed for a set of 3 weapons: Bokken, Jo and Tanto, but we've made sure that it can also fit an Iwama Bokken set with a 30 mm Jo. This means that the bag can contain up to 4 standard weapons (a set with an extra standard Bokken or an extra Jo).

    To emphasise the originality of our design for this product, we've added our Seido better patch (Wappen) instead of our regular logo. The Seido Wappen is composed of the Seido logo in a white circle in association with the Kanji "Seishin Itto" (精神一到), which means "mental concentration" and is taken from our company's motto: "Seishin Itto Nanigoto Ka Narazaran", "Where there is a will, there is a way" (You can see the connection with our logo, the Do 道 of Budo).
    We have faith in our product, and we are confident this is the best Aikido Weapon Set bag ever designed.

    • Designed for 3 weapons: Bokken, Jo & Tanto set.
    • Clarino (Japan made synthetic leather) - Water resistant.
    • Inside mesh padding for maximum shock absorption.
    • Dimensions: 130 x 11 cm.
    • Bottom reinforcement.
    • Tsuba and Tsubadome pocket.
    • Adjustable and removable large shoulder strap.
    • Comfortable and well balanced handle.
    • Front insert to fit a name plate.
    • Seido Wappen Logo.

    "Name Plate" Option (+1,000 JPY): Optionally, you can add a name plate embroidered with your name. This plate is made of synthetic leather, and will be directly integrated on the bag before shipping.
    Please note that given the little space available, it is only possible to embroider either a first name, a last name, or a word (Aikido, Aikibudo etc.)
    For more information about Japanese embroidery, please consult the page "How to Choose your Japanese Embroidery".

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Seido Special Carry Bag Bokken/Jo/Tanto (Clarino): ¥14,900


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