Minosaka Menuki

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  • Minosaka Menuki

    The Menuki are thoroughly crafted ornaments made of copper, bronze and aluminium, that are tied onto the Tsuka (handle) of a sword, originally to cover or to draw the attention from the Mekugi (bolt). Although the Menuki change the grip and influences the balance of the weapon, it is very subtle, given its light weight. It can be desirable however, to choose a heavy Menuki in order to slightly shift the weight towards the Tsuba or vice versa.

    The Menuki are hand-crafted in Japan by the Minosaka workshop, and fit Iaito and Shinken (Katana), sold as pair.


    Menuki dimensions and material
    Picture Name Description Length Width Material
    Hishi Water caltrop (or devil pod) - aquatic plant 1.5 cm 3.4 cm Aluminium
    Sake Salmon 1.4 cm 4.5 cm Copper
    Kenmakiryu Dragon entwining a sword 0.9 cm 6.8 cm Aluminium
    Tombo Dragonfly 1.3 cm 3.9 cm Aluminium
    Sakura Cherry blossom 1.1 cm 1.1 cm Aluminium
    Ryu (sho) Dragon (small) 1.1 cm 3.8 cm Copper
    Ryu (dai) Dragon (large) 1.1 cm 5.3 cm Copper
    Tsukushi Horsetail 0.6 cm 5.8 cm Copper
    Botan Peony 1.2 cm 5.4 cm Copper
    Hitsuji Lamb 1.1 cm 2.7 cm Copper
    Kenkatabami Oxalis montana, (a herb, also called mountain wood-sorrel) on two swords 1.6 cm 4.9 cm Bronze
    Mukade Centipede NA cm NA cm Copper
    Kuyomon Buddhist symbol representing "The 12 principles of the 9 planets" 1.5 cm 4.5 cm Bronze
    Ebi Shrimp 1.1 cm 7 cm Aluminium
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Minosaka Menuki: ¥6,000
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