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Lightweight Standard Chuto Bokken [for Kids] - Buna

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Nylon Bokken Bag
¥4,400 ~ ¥5,400

Prices vary depending on selected options.

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Nylon Cover for Bokken with shoulder strap

Made in Japan

Material: Nylon

Length: 105 cm | Weight: 260 g

Available color: Black & Navy Blue

Name plate option: Synthetic leather embroidered name plate (maximum 1 name)

This model is made of particularly strong nylon. The shoulder strap will allow to carry 2 bokken comfortably on your shoulder. Synthetic leather reinforcements at the bottom of the cover for better resistance.

Please note that this cover is for bokken only, and the length is not sufficient for the transport of Jo. For Bokken, Jo & Tanto sets, please see the Carry Bag Bokken/Jo/Tanto (nylon) model.

"Name Plate" Option: Optionally, you can add a name plate embroidered with your name. This plate is made of synthetic leather, and will be directly integrated on the bag before shipping.
Please note: given the little space available, it is only possible to embroider either a first name, a last name, or a word (Aikido, Aikibudo etc.)
For more information about Japanese embroidery, please consult the page "How to Choose your Japanese Embroidery".

Product Information & Size Chart

  • Lightweight Chuto 91.5 cm - Buna

    Made in Japan (Kyushu)

    Flat Spine | Flat butt | Small Kissaki

    Buna available

    Buna is a type of wood particularly light and yet relatively solid enough for a Bokken.

    Bokken are divided into two categories: The "Daito" (standard length Bokken) and the "Chuto" (slightly shortened Bokken). The Chuto Bokken are used in certain schools specifically for practice regarding the distance, in Aikido they are mainly for children. The Chuto Bokken is 10 cm shorter than the standard model and this makes it the perfect weapon for children smaller than 150 cm. Because they are not supposed to practise heavy contact techniques, we do not offer a tsuba for this model. The standard tsuba sold individually are adaptable but remain loose.

    Buna can present small imperfections and might not be perfectly straight. These model is a tool for practitioners with shoulder pain or disabilities preventing them from using a standard red oak/white oak model.

    • Choice of wood species: Buna (Fagus crenata).
    • Manufacturing workshop: Matsuzaki
    Standard Chuto Specifications
    Wood Buna
    Weight ~340 g
    Full length 91.5 cm
    Blade length 63 cm
    Tsuka length 23 cm
    Tsuka diameter 35x25 mm
    Mine Hiramine (flat spine)
    Tsuka shape Taira (flat butt)
    Kissaki Shokissaki (small) (~2 cm)

    *Due to the hand-made manufacturing, color and weight may vary slightly from one weapon to another

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Lightweight Standard Chuto Bokken [for Kids] - Buna: ¥7,000


1 x Nylon Bokken Bag: ¥4,400
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