Lacquered Enoki Black Horizontal Katanakake

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  • Enoki Horizontal Sword Stand (Katanakake)

    Made in Japan (Kyushu region)

    Wood: Enoki (Hackberry) - Black lacquer

    Size: 2 levels

    This decorative support (katanakake) is made of Jo Hackberry (Enoki) and covered with black lacquer (Kuronuri), ideal for exhibiting your Iaito, Katana Bokken, Shoto .
    It is available with 2 levels only.

    Delivered non-assembled, easy to build (no screws).

    This model cannot be engraved due to nature of the black laquer.

    About Hackberry (Enoki)::

    The Enoki, or Japanese Hackberry is a tree that grows in many parts of the world, especially in North America and Asia. Available in large quantities with properties with relatively close to Keyaki (solid luxury elm), it is significantly cheaper. Light but with a raw aspect it has widely been used for several years in the manufacture of traditional lacquerware (Urushi Japanese lacquer), particularly for the manufacture of cooking utensils or decorative objects. For the record, the famous Japanese fungus "Enoki" is so called because it has a strong tendency to grow on the dead carcasses of Hackberry. This model manufactured by our "Minosaka" Iaito workshop is especially recommended for Katana and Iaito, the black color can indeed be unsuitable with that of bokken (ebony being the exception).

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Lacquered Enoki Black Horizontal Katanakake: ¥9,000
In stock: shipped within 2 business days
Order today and we will ship before
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