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Sakura Higo Kojiri - C037

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  • Sakura Higo - C037

    This made in Japan Kojiri features cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms, or Sakura in Japanese, are the small, delicate pink flowers of the cherry blossom trees. The springtime bloom is a wonderful spectacle but relatively brief. After only two weeks, they drop to the ground and wither, falling like light pink snowflakes. Cherry blossoms symbolizes the brilliance, fragility and transience of life. The symbolic of the Sakura was of the utmost importance in the Samurai culture, Samurai considering their life as fragile and ephemere as the Sakura.
    This model is of what is called "Higo" style, which correspond to a round shape.

    This model is available in available in three different finish.

    The Sakura Higo - C037 has a matching Sakura Higo (Tsuka fitting).

    • Available finish/materials:
      - Silver plated brass
      - Copper Plated Brass / Gold Gilding
      - Solid Silver
    • Dimensions (length x height): 38 mm x 18 mm
    • Shape: Funagata (boat shape)
      Please refer to the Kojiri collection description for more information on how to fit the Kojiri depending on its shape.


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Sakura Higo Kojiri - C037: ¥10,500


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Order today and we will ship before
In stock: ships within 2 working days
Order today and we will ship before
Availability : around (Shipping date estimation)
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