Katori Shinto Ryu Naginata - 8.25 Shaku - Red Oak

Due to master Matsuzaki health issues, all orders for products manufactured only by this workshop are suspended until the situation improves.

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  • Katori Shinto Ryu Shinbukan Style Naginata - 8.25 Shaku

    Made in Japan (Kyushu region)
    Available Woods: Red Oak
    Length: 8.25 Shaku (249.9 cm)
    Finish: Standard Finish or Seido Special Finish

    This Katori Shinto Ryu Naginata is made in Kyushu at the Matsuzaki workshop from a single piece of red oak. This is the official model used at the Shinbukan Dojo and it must not be mistaken with the Sugino model that is much shorter. The Katori Shinto Ryu Naginata is the longest Naginata in our catalog and it can be considered a "Onaginata" (big/long Naginata). 

    This incredible length explains the price. Only a few pieces are produced a year (not even one a month) because special 9 Shaku planks must be sourced by the craftsmen. In addition, Japanese carriers (that transport the Naginata from the workshop to our logistic center) charge very expansive fees for packages over 220 cm in length. Similar fees are also charge by UPS and FedEx for international shipping. Consequently, about a third of the price corresponds to the shipping fees.
    For practitioners who cannot afford this model, and although it won't correspond to the correct distance, we recommend to go for the 7 shaku Naginata Sugino model that is similar enough in shape to allow Kata practice.

    Seido is the only company offering a Katori Shinto Ryu Naginata made in Japan. It is actually our team that made the necessary arrangements with the craftsmen of the Matsuzaki workshop in order to bring back this weapon to life after the workshop that used to manufacture it stopped its production due to wood shortage. It took our team about a year of research until the Shinbukan Dojo contacted the Matsuzaki workshop directly by coincidence, confirming our research and allowing us to offer it as the official Katori Naginata model.

    Please note that because the Naginata does not fit in our engraving machine, this model cannot be engraved.

    • Choice of wood species: red oak only
    • Available finish: Standard Finish or Seido Special Finish
    • Manufacturing workshop: Matsuzaki workshop
    • Production time: the production time may vary depending on wood availability. It is usually 6 to 8 weeks.
    • This NAGINATA CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED THROUGH UPS/FEDEX (Includes North America and Western Europe). Please consult the "Shipping & Delivery Information" page to check if the Naginata can be shipped to your country. All orders placed with a delivery address in any other country will be automatically cancelled.

    Finish options:

    In 2021, with concerns for the workers, all workshops greatly reduced the number of urethane varnished weapons and replaced the finish by a "Candle Wax". Seido is now transitioning to a new finish offer for the majority of its weapons.

    Standard Finish: At Seido, we complete the workshop finish with Camelia oil treatment by default. This is the standard Seido finish.
    We do not apply any additional polishing for this finish, so some weapons might have a slightly rough surface.
    For maintenance, we recommend that you oil your weapons about once a month with a vegetal based oil.

    Seido Special Finish: For this special Finish, we first apply a Camelia oil polish (oiling and sanding the weapons with oiled sand paper), then we finish the weapon with high quality beeswax. This finish makes the wood as smooth as it can be and guarantee an excellent protection for several months.
    For maintenance, we recommend at least to oil your weapons every month or so. You can also apply wax a few hours after oiling your weapons (if some oil remains on the wood, remove it with a piece of cloth or tissue).

    Katori Shinto Ryu Shinbukan Naginata Specifications
    Full Length 249.9 cm
    Blade Length 60 cm
    Blade width (larger point) 6 cm
    Tsuka Diameter 25 mm x 35 mm
    Weight ~ 1300 g

    * Weapons are all handmade, therefore color and weight vary from one weapon to another.

    About Katori Shinto Ryu :

    The school Katori Shinto Ryu, also called Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu, is undoubtedly one of the oldest martial art schools of Japan. It was founded in the mid 15th century by Iizasa Ienao after his retirement at the Shinto Katori Jingu, a shrine dedicated to the Gods of martial arts. This school, like most of the traditional schools, does not only include the techniques with the sword (Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu), but also numerous techniques with other weapons, such as Naginata, the spear (Sojutsu) and Shuriken, as well as techniques without weapons (Jujutsu). The teachings of Katori Shinto differ significantly from other schools by focusing on the training of technical strategies and military logistics. In this particular school, the Soke currently holds a mere representative role.
    Two main currents are officially recognized by the Soke. What is called the "main line", taught at the Shinbukan Dojo, under the technical direction of Kyoso Shigetoshi Shihan, and another current called Sugino Dojo or Sugino Ha. The latter was impulsed by Sugino Yoshio, well known for his incredible life, which led him through Judo, Iaido, Kenjutsu, Naginata Jutsu and Aikido, as well as a function of choreographer for several films in the movie industry (and notably "The Seven Samurai" by Kurosawa).
    Katori Shinto Ryu was made popular in Europe due to certain dissident forms of practice included in the Yoseikan Budo (Minoru Mochizuki) and in the Aikibudo (Alain Floquet) but the official currents are quite well represented outside Japan as well.

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