Iwama Ryu Shoto - Classic Woods

The Horinouchi workshop closed permanently in September 2019 (see the detailed article on our blog). Our project of transfering this model to other workshops is suspended as other workshops are also in significant troubles. At this time, we have no idea if this product will ever be manufactured again, but it is very unlikely. Feel free to read our blog article for more information on the situation.

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  • Iwama Ryu Shoto - Red/White Oak

    Made in Japan (Kyushu)
    Flat Spine | Flat butt | Squared Kissaki
    Red Oak and White Oak

    The classic Iwama Ryu Shoto is manufactured from a single piece of oak (red or white) from the southern islands of Kyushu (Japan). With its straight shape and blunt Kissaki (tip), Tsuka (handle), and special thickness, it is a great tool for the work of Tenouchi (grip), this model is the short version of its counterpart, the Iwama Ryu Bokken.

    Shoto are not widely used in the Iwama Ryu style but despite the fact that there is no curriculum Shoto vs Bokken in Aikido, it is sometimes used as a side weapon for Shoto vs empty hand, or for specific research of short sword techniques.

    This model differs from the Takemusu Shoto by the shape of its Mine (spine) which is more rounded on the Takemusu model. The Iwama Shoto model is also slightly slimmer, by about 1 mm.

    • Choice of wood species: red oak or white oak
    • Available finish: Urethane varnish or camellia oil polish.
    • Manufacturing workshop: Horinouchi for all models

    We also offer the Iwama Ryu Bokken (long).

    Non varnished - Oil polish option:

    All our high-end weapons are available either varnished with urethane or polished with camellia oil. Finished with oil, they are much more pleasant to the touch.
    Unvarnished weapons are alo more ecologically-friendly, but they require regular (monthly) maintenance with oil (camellia or wood maintenance oil) and they can only be made from the finest woods of Japanese quality. Given the need for maintenance of these weapons, our stocks are limited. Also, since the craftsmen must select the best wood possible to manufacture these weapons, the processing time is longer than for varnished weapons. If out of stock or made to order, the shipping time can take up to 6 weeks in case of shortage. Please note that the oil finish process can darken the wood significantly.

    Iwama Ryu Shoto Specifications
    Wood Hon Akagashi
    (Red Oak)
    (White Oak)
    Weight ~360 g ~400 g
    Full length 54.5 cm
    Blade length 38 cm
    Tsuka length 16.5 cm
    Tsuka diameter 36 x 27 mm
    Mine Hiramine (flat spine)
    Tsuka shape Taira (flat butt)
    Kissaki Squared kissaki

    *Due to the hand-made manufacturing, color and weight vary from one weapon to another

    About the Iwama Ryu Style:

    Iwama Ryu, sometimes also called Takemusu Aiki, is a current of Aikido initiated by Morihiro Saito Sensei, a close disciple of the founder of Aikido reputed to have codified accurately and efficiently the practice Aikido weapons: Aikiken and Aikijo. This style is represented in France by Daniel Toutain, Patricia Guerri and Philippe Voarino and it focuses on the practice of weapons, giving them equal importance to empty handed techniques. In fact, the practice with a Bokken that matches the standards of the school is particularly important. The practice of Aikiken Iwama Ryu, besides its extreme precision, develops power input (Tenouchi), due to the relative thickness of the Bokken and striking power.

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Iwama Ryu Shoto - Classic Woods: ¥3,500


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