Heavy Weight (#8000) Black/Navy Cotton Nobakama

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Heavy Weight Black/Navy Cotton Nobakama

Made in Japan | Black or Navy blue

Material: 100% cotton (synthetic color, do not fade).

Shrinkage: 1%  |  Weight (size 26): 1.2 kg

Shape: Nobakama with Aikido finish.

Nobakama literally means "fields Hakama" and was used by Japanese farmers. Its tighter cut allowed more freedom of movement and avoided the ample fabric to get caught in bushes or thorns. In the practice of martial arts, it prevents the practitioner from stepping on it. The nobakama has only 3 front pleats instead of the 5 of the regular models. The Nobakama was used by Aikido's Saito Sensei (Iwama Aikido), but also by many Iaido, Kenjutsu and Koryu practitioners and teachers. For the student, it improves the ease of movement, and for the teacher, it can help analyzing leg movements when teaching technical movements (ashisabaki).

Please note that this type of Hakama is not suitable for practice of regular aikido and is reserved to a limited number of practitioners. In addition, the logo Aikikai is not available for this particular model.

This black or blue cotton Hakama is made from a fabric especially selected by Seido for its strength and slightly shiny appearance. Note that the navy blue is very dark, and therefore often mistaken for black by our clients. This fabric is mainly used in the manufacture of clothing for the Japanese army, precisely due to its strength.

#8000 corresponds to the yarn density, but a higher number does not signify an increase in quality. Indeed, a cotton #20000, for example, would be too rigid for the practice of martial arts. The #8000 is an intermediate model between #6000 and #10000. We did not opt for cotton #10000 for this particular hakama because synthetically-dyed fabric does not benefit from the softening effect of the indigo dye (used for the the #10000) and therefore, a tighter weaving would have resulted in a hakama that would be far too steep. The choice of #8000 cotton for this model is the best trade-off between flexibility and strength. The particularly long roll of fabric that we use allows the cut to be made parallel to the lines of weaving and therefore, the Hakama falls perfectly in spite of the tendency that cotton has to crumple.

This model will be suitable for all practitioners seeking a heavy cotton model, without the inherent maintenance difficulty of an indigo hakama. However, we discourage the use of cotton Hakama models to first-time hakama users because they are quite heavy and require a period of adaptation.

Seido is the only Japanese company to manufacture its Nobakama specially for Aikido. This model has become a best-seller amongst the practitioners of Iwama-style Aikido, but also with koryu practitioners.

For maximum comfort, the strap length is adjusted according to the size of the hakama.

As all our Hakama, this model is fully made in Japan (fabric, cut and stitching).

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Size 22~24 24.5~25 25.5~26 26.5~27 28.5~28 28.5~29 29.5~30
Black/Navy 22,500 JPY 22,900 JPY 23,300 JPY 23,700 JPY 24,100 JPY 24,500 JPY 25,000 JPY

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Heavy Weight (#8000) Black/Navy Cotton Nobakama: ¥22,500
Availability: Made to Order | Production: ~ | No Exchanges/Refunds
Order today and we will ship before:
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