Hanmaru Nunchaku (Semi-Octagonal) - Red Oak

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Due to master Matsuzaki health issues, all orders for products manufactured only by this workshop are suspended until the situation improves.
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Product Information & Size Chart

  • Deluxe Semi Octagonal Nunchaku - Red Oak

    Made in Japan (Kyushu)
    Red Oak
    Camellia Oil Polish Finish

    Available in 30 cm, 33 cm and 36 cm

    The Hanmaru (semi-octagonal) Nunchaku is a classic Japanese Nunchaku, made of Japanese wood. It is designed for intense Kobudo and Karate training.
    The Nunchaku length in Japan commonly is between 30 cm and 36 cm, so we offer this model in 3 different sizes.

    Hanmaru means "half rounded". Standard Japanese Nunchaku are actually octagonal, so in this case, half of the shaft (top part) is rounded, and the other half (bottom part) features a classic Hakkaku (octagonal) shape.
    Hence, the rounded part makes the tip of the Nunchaku (where the cord is attached) slightly thinner than on the octagonal version. This is designed to give more smoothness to rolling techniques.

    • Choice of wood species: red oak only
    • Available finish: camellia oil polish
    • Manufacturing workshop: Matsuzaki for all models
    Hanmaru Nunchaku Specifications
    Wood Ichiikashi/Akagashi
    (Red Oak)
    Weight (cord model) 300 ~ 350 g
    Full length 30 cm, 33 cm or 36 cm
    Cord length 6 cm (Adjustable)
    Diameter (butt) 30 mm
    Diameter (at the cord) 24 mm

    *Due to the hand-made manufacturing, color and weight may vary from one weapon to another

    Nunchaku Order Disclaimer

    Nunchaku can be considered as weapons in some countries. Although, by experience, we know there is no problem with North America and most European countries, we recommend checking that the import of Nunchaku is not prohibited in your country before placing your order.
    Nunchaku are made to order and Seido shall not be held responsible for any difficulties, import refusal or other trouble at customs clearance. In the event of this occurring, only limited refunds (depending on the level of customization) can be granted.
    Also, please note that due to international payment regulations, PayPal payment is not available at checkout when ordering a Nunchaku or a Tonfa. If you wish to purchase other products at the same time and use PayPal, we recommend to order the Nunchaku or Tonfa separately. We can still ship all items together if the orders are placed within a few hours and a comment is added in the comment field.
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Hanmaru Nunchaku (Semi-Octagonal) - Red Oak: ¥6,300


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