Kashima Shin Ryu Fukuroshinai

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Kashima Shin Ryu Fukuroshinai

Made in Japan

Composition: bamboo lath attached and covered with white genuine leather.

Length: 105 cm | Weight: ~820 g

The Kashima Shin Ryu Fukuroshinai has the typical manufacturing of fukuroshinaï, with tied bamboo slats and covered with canvas, allowing more intense training than with a weapon made of wood. A better shock absorption also means a much greater impact resistance.

This model is slightly longer and heavier than a standard wooden Bokken, but lighter than Kashima Shin Ryu Bokken.

This very specific weapon should suit not only practitioners of the Kashima Shin Ryu school, but also Aikido practitioners in schools who have integrated some of its kenjustu practice. This is the Fukuroshinai used in some forms of Kashima Shin Ryu Aikido training, including by students of Christian Tissier Shihan and at the Shiseikan with Inaba Shihan.

Sold as set with the Tsuba.

About Kashima Shin Ryu School:

An ancient school dating from the 16th century, Kashima Shin Ryu Kenjutsu is an example of a samurai campaign technique that has remained confidential for nearly three centuries. It is the practice and research of the master Kunii Zen'ya during the 20th century that allowed a slightly wider dissemination. Zen'ya had among others the inspiration to do away with the system of family lineage by appointing Master Humitake Seki as Shihanke (technical director), separating technique and management between the "shihanke" and "soke". This school teaches not only kenjutsu, jujutsu, but also the spear (sojutsu), the Battojutsu and some other traditional weapons. One of the teachers who popularized this school in France was Master Inaba, through among others, Christian Tissier (Aikido). It would seem, however, that master Inaba separated from the official branch of the school. Kashima Shin Ryu Kenjutsu practice is largely focused on the development of power by forging the body (tanren) thanks in part to work using a heavy bokken reinforced by a thick wooden guard capable of absorbing powerful strikes.

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