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Hakuryu & Shuryu Deluxe Yagyu Ryu Fukuroshinai


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  • Yagyu Ryu Long Fukuro shinai

    Made in Japan

    Composition: bamboo lath attached loosely and covered with white genuine leather.

    Length: 100.5 cm | Diameter : 34 mm (bamboo only 30 mm) | Weight: ~420 g | 16 splits

    The Yagyu Ryu Fukuroshinai has the typical manufacturing of fukuroshinai (or fukuro-shinai), with tied bamboo slats and covered with canvas, allowing more intense training than with a weapon made of wood. A better shock absorption also means a much greater impact resistance. This model is similar in length and slightly lighter than a standard wooden Bokken. This fukuroshinai present a slight curvature near the tsuka (koshizori) to emulate the shape of a real sword (the leather sewing part is to be used as the edge of the sword).

    The models "White Dragon" and Shuryu "Red Dragon" are the best examples when it comes to Yagyu Shinkae type fukuroshinai. They are manufactured in the mountains of Gifu by an exceptional craftsman, having grown bamboo plants for several generations and is a favorite of many Shinkage Yagyu Ryu Dojos throughout Japan. In the collection of the product pictures you can find a picture of the artisans.

    For optimum strength and quality, leading to maximum shock absorption, this model is split 16 times, the leather binding is loosely attached with a margin of 2 mm and the leather is doubled on about 10 cm at the top.

    Note that we can, if necessary, offer separate sale of leather and / or bamboo.

    Option red Shuryu model: The leather is synthetically dyed with synthetic urushi, a specific lacquer that can significantly increase the resistance.  

    This specific weapon should suit not only practitioners of the Yagyu and Yagyu Shinkage Ryu school, but also Aikido practitioners working on a more dynamic (and less dangerous) tachidori practice.

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Hakuryu & Shuryu Deluxe Yagyu Ryu Fukuroshinai: ¥20,000


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