Classic Standard Naginata - 7~7.5 Shaku - Red/White Oak

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Due to the closing of the Horinouchi workshop in September 2019, the remaining 3 workshops are under heavy stress, as they never experienced before. Therefore, we are currently not able to guarantee the displayed shipping date estimation for this product and variations in both direction (shipping earlier than announced or slight delays) are to be expected.

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Product Information & Size Chart

  • Standard Naginata - 7 ~ 7.5 Shaku

    Made in Japan (Kyushu region)
    Available Woods: Red Oak or White Oak
    Length: 7 or 7.5 Shaku (212.1 cm or 227.2 cm)
    Finish: Urethane Varnish

    This Standard Classic Naginata is made in Kyushu at the Aramaki workshop from a single piece of red or white oak. This is the official model of the All Japan Naginata Federation for Kata practice and the common model used in various Koryu.

    We offer this model in 2 versions, featuring the standard length (7 Shaku) or extended length (7.5 Shaku), which is the maximum that can be manufactured by the Aramaki workshop. Please note that the 7.5 shaku being manufactured with specifically sourced timber, the price is significantly higher than the standard 7 shaku length.

    In option, you can choose to add the official All Japan Naginata Federation approved leather Tsuba. The Tsuba is fixed with traditional rice glue and straw ropes of old Shimenawa ropes. Shimenawa ropes being sacred items used in Shinto, we cannot offer a full repair kit, but we do sell the Tsuba separately.
    We recommend to use a hemp rope with natural glue instead, that can easily be found in DIY stores.

    Please note that because the Naginata does not fit into our engraving machine, this model cannot be engraved.

    • Choice of wood species: red oak or white oak
    • Available finish: Urethane varnish
    • Manufacturing workshop: Aramaki for all models
    • This NAGINATA CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED THROUGH UPS/FEDEX (Includes North America and Western Europe). Please consult the "Shipping & Delivery Information" page to check if the Naginata can be shipped to your country. All orders placed with a delivery address in any other country will be automatically cancelled.
    Standard Naginata Specifications
    Model Standard Full length
    Full length 212.1 cm 227.2 cm
    Blade length 41 cm 41 cm
    Tsuka diameter 23 mm x 31 mm 23 mm x 31 mm
    Weight Red Oak: 800 g ~ 900 g
    White Oak: 850 g ~ 950 g
    Red Oak: 850 g ~ 950 g
    White Oak: 900 g ~ 1000 g

    * Weapons are all handmade, therefore color and weight vary from one weapon to another.

    About Naginata Practice:

    Naginata is still practiced is many Koryu, that are dedicated to this art itself, such as the Jiki Shinkage Ryu Naginata Jutsu and the Tendo Ryu Naginata Jutsu, but it can also just be part of the curriculum like in Katori Shinto Ryu, Hokushin Itto Ryu or at the Bujinkan (Ninjutsu). The shape of the Yari varies greatly from one school to another, but the All Japan Naginata Federation gathers some of the schools (mainly Tendo Ryu and Jiki Shinkage Ryu) and organizes events and competitions. Competitions are split into 2 different parts, the Kata, that are practiced with the Naginata presented here, and Shiai which are practiced with a Shinai (bamboo) type Naginata that we also offer.

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Classic Standard Naginata - 7~7.5 Shaku - Red/White Oak: ¥24,000


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