Black Lacquered Buna Vertical Sword Stand

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The Horinouchi workshop closed permanently in September 2019 (see the detailed article on our blog). Solutions are being implemented and we are confident about the possibility of offering this product again soon. Therefore, orders for 'Black Lacquered Buna Vertical Sword Stand' are temporarily suspended until we transfer the technology to the other workshops. Note that it is possible that the cost of this product increase significantly, depending on how new artisans will implement its manufacturing process.

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  • Black Lacquered Buna Vertical Sword Stand (Katanakake)

    Made in Japan (Kyushu region)

    Wood: 100% Buna / Black Painted / Beech Wood (Fagus Crenata)

    This vertical decorative Bokken sword support (Katanakake) made of crenelated Japanese beech is ideal for the exhibition orf Iaito and Bokken. Entry model in the range of vertical supports, it is an excellent choice, remaining relatively light. We therefore do not recommend to place heavy Bokken or Iaito on it.

    It is parfectly identical to the Buna Vertical Sword Stand (natural finish), painted in black with classic standard black painting.

    Delivered non-assembled, easy to build (no screws).
    This model cannot be engraved due to the painting.

    About the crenelated Japanese beech (Buna)::

    Fagus crenata is a wood that grows throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu. It is very popular in the art of Bonsai for the beauty of its barks and leaves. This wood has a very bright color with yellowish tints, it is very pleasant to the touch, strong, and very light. This wood is used for the manufacture of Bokken and stands due to its light weight and beautiful appearance. However, this support will be particularly suited for small and conventional weapons (less than 1kg), and it may become unstable if the weapon placed on it is too heavy.

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Black Lacquered Buna Vertical Sword Stand: ¥18,000


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