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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? We have the answer!

Much information is distributed throughout the website and on the information pages. This section will give you quick answers to your questions and show you where to find more information in the various sections of the site.

Who are you guys?

We are a team of foreign and Japanese Budo practitioners living in Japan and dedicated to the practice of traditional martial arts and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and the products we sell.

If you want to learn more, check out our "About Us" page, and you will meet the whole team! You can also check out the blog, where we talk about our brand and the philosophy behind it.

I am in Japan; can I visit the shop?

Although we have no shop, we welcome with great pleasure all guests wishing to meet us.

However, it is imperative to contact us in advance to arrange an appointment if you would like to make any purchase on site. If the person in charge is absent, it will not be possible to order. Please also note that in our office, we can only accept payment in cash.

We have most of our products in stock, and our hours are from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.

You will find our address and access information at the bottom of every page of our website.

And if you want to know more about our facilities and staff, check the About Us page.

I live in Japan; how can I order? has been optimized specifically for international sales, with prices excluding tax / including international shipping. Therefore, no delivery in Japan is possible when orders are passed online using this site.

  • If you speak Japanese, you can use our Japanese homepage.
  • If you want to order in English, please contact us via our contact form, and we will process your order manually (international shipping rates will not be applied).
    Please make sure to send your order details, including sizes, colors, options, embroideries, etc., your full name, phone number, shipping address, and desired payment method (credit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery).

Can I purchase your products in Europe or the United States?

We have a few partners in Europe, but not in the US. Most of our partners have only a few items in their catalog (one Hakama, some weapons, potentially one Dogi model, as well), so the choice is limited. These are the only official retailers; all other shops that carry our products are doing so with no approval/agreement with us.

If you want to establish a partnership with Seido, contact us to discuss the terms and conditions.

Do you have a catalog?

Yes, we do!

You can download the PDF version.

or request one with your order, by leaving a comment in the comment box.

Why are the prices different on the two pages? (English/Japanese page)

Because on the English page they include shipping costs.

To simplify the buying process, all prices on include shipping (except to South America and Africa). In order to maintain a high-quality level of service, especially in terms of package insurance and replacement or refund for damaged packages, a small surcharge has been added. Think of it as an insurance service of the highest quality that very few shops on the web can match.

How can I change or delete my personal information?

Privacy matters to us! Use our contact form to make your request, and our team will take care of it as soon as possible.

Please check out our "Privacy Policy" page for all the details on how we handle your privacy.

Can I order by email or phone?

Unfortunately, not. (Unless you are in Japan and choose to pay by "cash on delivery". This is a service that is not available for orders shipped internationally). All other payments must go through our website for security reasons.

However, in any case we can guide you on the phone or via email to help you place your order online, but we cannot do the whole process (the payment) on the phone.

We usually answer the phone in Japanese; just ask for service in English, and we will put you through. (Depending on staff availability, we also speak French, German, Portuguese, and Japanese).

I would like to order in large quantities,
do you have adapted prices for bulk orders? (Minimum 60,000 JPY)

We offer two types of discounts under the following conditions:

  • Orders above 60,000 JPY & 5 tangible products > discount according to the items ordered. This amount is to be understood, excluding all customizations and already discounted items.
  • Orders of one or several products in multiple copies (minimum 10), or orders where the total exceeds 100,000JPY > discount rates depend on the products ordered, up to 20%.

In either case, if your order is eligible for a discount, it will be displayed in the shopping cart, and you will see the note "Eligible for a discount."

At the time and due a low production capacity, hand sewn Hakama (all models, but the Keiko Hakama) are not entitled to any discount.

To receive the discount, please contact us via our contact form with the details of your order.

Displaying prices in my currency (EURO, DOLLAR, YEN)...
In what currency do I pay?

At the top right of each page, you will find a currency selector to change the currency displayed on the entire site. You can display the prices in YEN (JPY), EURO (EUR), U.S. (USD), CAN DOLLAR (CAD), POUND (GBP) etc.

The display in a currency other than the YEN is only indicative and for your navigation comfort. Until confirmation of your cart, you will see the amount in your currency, but at the time of payment, the amount will automatically be converted into YEN. PayPal will ask you if you want the exchange fees to be charged by PayPal (Japanese side), or by your bank (your country). We have no particular recommendation to give you about this; the rates are usually close. Check with your bank (the rate charged by PayPal is stated in the payment).

In case of payment by money order, it is your post office that will specify the amount in your currency according to the exchange rate of the day. Please pay in your local currency.

What are the payment methods offered on the site?

  • Credit card payment, with or without PayPal account.
  • Postal Money Order (only available in some countries; please check the "Payment" page for more information).
  • International bank transfer should be requested in advance by email, and the minimum order amount for bank transfers is 100,000 JPY.
  • If you are in Japan, we can accept payments in cash. Please also note we only accept cash at the office.
  • Payments by check, Western Union, or any other methods are not accepted.

Find more information on the "Payments" page.

My credit card was declined, what should I do?

There are many reasons your card might have been refused by PayPal, but most are related to security issues. We detail all the solutions here Payment refusal - What to do?

Can I order a sold out item?

Normally, yes.

If the corresponding out of stock item is indicated as being restocked, you can add it to your cart, and your order will be shipped as soon as the product is back in stock (we offer no guarantee about the estimated restock schedule).

If the product/option is not planned to be restocked, meaning the product is discontinued, you cannot add the product variant/option to your cart.

When will I receive my order?

The estimated shipping date is indicated on each product page and synchronized in the shopping cart (and mentioned in the order confirmation email).

  • In stock products are shipped within 48 hours and delivered in 4 days to 2 weeks, depending on the country and the shipping method (check the Shipping information page for more details).
  • Customized products are usually shipped within 2 to 4 days and delivered within 1 to 3 weeks.
  • Products made to order and belts with integrated embroideries are usually shipped within 3 to 5 weeks.

Note that, although orders for products not stocked are transmitted quickly to artisans, our products are hand-crafted, which sometimes incurs delays. Although it is sometimes possible to accelerate the manufacturing of a product, we prefer not to do so and give the artisan the needed time to create an outstanding product, rather than make him sacrifice quality for a faster delivery. We therefore accept no "urgent" order for custom made products.

Find more information on the "Shipping & Delivery" page.

My order is super urgent, can you deliver super fast?

If you plan to order in stock items, with or without embroidery/engraving, we can have your order ready within 12 hours and shipped within 12 and 24h (packages are picked up between 2 and 5 pm by our carriers).

Our support is very reactive, so please email with your request, and we will make it a top priority.

Delivery time depends on the country. We can deliver within 2 days in the US, 4 days in Western Europe, 4 days in Australia, etc., but only if shipped with FedEx or UPS (Additional fees may apply depending on destination).

However, if you order a custom made product, we can do nothing. We prefer to allow time for the artisan to produce a quality product, rather than sacrifice quality for speed of delivery. We therefore accept no "urgent" order for custom made products.

Which carrier will deliver my order?

Depending on the methods available in your country, it can be your national postal services, UPS or FedEx. Please check the "Shipping & Delivery" page for more information.

We respect your choice and use the carrier you determine at checkout. However, we reserve the right to upgrade Japan Post delivery methods to UPS or FedEx depending on what you ordered and where it has to be delivered (especially when a specific carrier may cause important delays or issues concerning the importation procedure in a specific country). If there are addditional charges for this upgrade, we will contact you via email.

Can I be billed at a different address than the shipping address?

You can enter different billing and shipping addresses at checkout. Unfortunately, customs duty is, without exception, charged at the address of delivery.

The tracking indicates that my package is still in Tokyo
(or somewhere on the way).

Parcels usually get to the country of destination in less than a week after their arrival at the international airport in Tokyo.
While the packages are in the clearance zone of the country of delivery, it is often not possible to update the online tracking, which might be why your package is still shown as being in Tokyo. Once the package has passed through the sorting, the tracking will be updated, and the delivery will not take long thereafter.

You may also find some strange movements on FedEx/UPS`s tracking history, but no worries; this is normal.

Please check the Shipping and Delivery page for detailed information on this subject.

What do I do if the tracking information says my package was delivered,
but I have not received it?

1. A notice may have been left on or near your front door by the carrier. If you find a notice, determine if another delivery attempt will be made or if you need to arrange to pick up the package from the carrier's hub.

2. Check with other people who may have accepted the delivery, including family members, roommates, apartment office personnel, or neighbors.

3. Check to see if the package has been placed in an out-of-the-way location around the outside of your home. In some rare cases, drivers may hide packages behind plants or furniture or on the side or back of the home. In that case, please contact us, so we can file a formal complaint against this driver because all deliveries require a signature.

4. In rare situations, the carrier may scan a package as delivered, but then find they cannot deliver it. In cases like this, the package is typically delivered within a couple of business days.

In all cases, please contact the carrier to check with them prior to contacting us. If you contact us, we will have to contact the carrier in Japan, and with the needs for translation and the time difference, it will take far longer than calling on your end.
If this does not solve the problem, please contact us.

If needed, please check the "Lost Package Section of the Shipping & Delivery" page to check the detailed procedure prior to contacting us.

The delivery man asked me to settle taxes, what is it?

SeidoShop is based in Japan, and all products on the website exclude tax. Therefore, VAT and/or custom fees are normally due upon delivery. Your delivery agent will charge these fees as an intermediary with the customs office.

Find more information on the "Customs Taxes & Fees" page.

The size does not fit; can I exchange the product?

  • Only non-personalized products not worn/used may be exchanged.
  • Return shipping costs and re-shipping of the new product are entirely your responsibility.

Find more information on the "Returns & Refunds" page.

I received the wrong (or a defective) product, how do I exchange it?

The return will be fully at our own charge, and we will reship the right item for free.

However, due to frequent misunderstanding on some product details, we will ask you a few questions before confirming the return.

Please consult the "Returns & Refunds" page for the detailed procedure.

How do I take care of my equipment?

Well-maintained equipment lasts a long time!

Here are the detailed instructions and tips we have for you: How to take care of my equipment.

I appreciate the job you did for me; how can I help spread the word?

We are always happy to hear that you are pleased with our products and our service, and it benefits our future clients if you could write a product review.

Apart from that, you can talk to your Dojo friends about us, share our site on social networks, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, put a link on your website... and send us a friendly note. Some, we print out and stick to the wall for a while as motivation to carry on the good work!

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