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Aikido Gi - Jacket & Pants Set

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About Our Aikido Gi

Our Aikidogi are specially designed for the practice of Aikido. All our Dogi are 100% made in Japan and are approved by the Aikikai Foundation so the Aikikai logo can be sewn in option.

Starting from our extra cotton special Aikido jacket, and all the way to double thickness models, our Seido Dogi cater to advanced practitioners and beginners alike. The AS200, AS250, WA300, WA600, and WA800 models are manufactured in one of the oldest workshops in Japan, setup more than 90 years ago in the Aichi prefecture and the AS100 in a small workshop in Nagoya (learn more about the workshops on our Artisans Presentation Page). You can refer to the "How to Choose Your Dogi" page to help you make your choice.

If you wish to custom your jacket and pants to adjust the fit, you can choose from the alteration service options we offer : adding a chest and/or hips cord, shortening sleeves, adding an elastic to the trousers' waist cord and last but not least sewing a Velcro (magic tape) fastening on the lower and/or upper part of the jacket's collar. You will also find the traditional Japanese embroidery options on the product page. All customizations have to be added directly to the product before putting it into the cart.

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