SeidoShop 3.1 - Website Update

Hi everybody,

Since we've updated our website with this new very fancy theme, including many many amazing features, we've been working on fixing bugs, but also on new functionalities.

Thanks to your feedbacks, we've gathered many excellent ideas over the past months, and we finally came up with this major update.

The update includes:

  • Implementation of product videos directly on the product pages! (only 4 videos for now, but more will follow).
  • Enhanced quotation system, in which you can now fill in your name and address before printing the quotation.
  • Clearer order display in your account, and better implementation of refunds and order modifications.
  • A major improvement of the website speed with the implementation of progressive jpg images, and many other code optimization.
  • Completely redesigned product review badges so you can see the average rating of a product range (not only the product itself,) as well as the implementation of random reviews on the homepage.
  • Improved "tooltip" at the right for most product options on the website to help you better understand all options.
  • A fully integrated bilingual system for Japanese and English. It's not something visible on your end, but it helps us handle all orders more consistently, and therefore further reduce our already very low mistake rate.
  • And more....

And we're not stopping our efforts here. We've a very long to-do list with more features we want to work on.

Another major updates should be made live before the end of the year, but in the near future, we aim to release features in "real time" and we'll try to keep you updated as good as we can.

Feel free to send us your feedback. Really, this website is widely based on your inputs and behavior when placing an order. There's no Seido without you!

Thanks again for your continuous support !


You can switch the currency (USD, EUR, CAD, etc.) and the metric system sitewide by using our tools menu, accessible from the tools button at the top right-hand side of the site.
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