October Special Discount

10% Off All Aikidogi Sets

You're probably all back to the Dojo now. The weather is cooling down in most places (to our friends in the South hemisphere, we wish a warm but bearable summer though!), and practice becomes more comfortable. In Japan, we're looking forward to watching the beautiful Momiji turn all red with the arrival of Autumn, and training is starting earnestly again.

Many of you are probably still struggling with their schedules, trying to stuff as many classes as possible. So what about a second (or third, or fourth?) Dogi to give some air to your washing/drying cycles and give you a smooth turnover? To help you with that, we've decided to offer a 10% discount off All our Aikidogi this month, so if you need a couple of outfits to freshen your collection, it's a good time to make your purchase!
This discount ends on October 31st, 10 am JPT.

September report

  • We shot an interview with Kimura Jiro Shihan 8th Dan, heir of Kobayashi Hirokazu in Japan, and leader of the Buikukai group (Osaka region). This interview was shot in collaboration with Guillaume Erard, and should be released by the end of October. 
  • A surprise interview was shot on September 30th. More information will be released very soon.
  • We are in the process of adding a new category of new products... Aikido calligraphies made by a professional Shodo master. Stay tuned, it will be up in a few days!

Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on SeidoShop.com!

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