New Year Sale

10% off on all Iaito & All Weapon Sets

Just got back to the Dojo and need some new weapons to start the year with high end equipment ? We're offering 10% discount on all our Iaito and all weapon sets until January 31st.

Most weapon sets are available in stock and ready to ship within 24h, as well as a few standard Iaito. Additionally, we offer custom made Iaito for which the production time is about 4 to 5 weeks.

As the school year starts in April in Japan, from March onward our workshops get busy, so if you are interested in a custom made Iaito, now is the perfect time to order for fast manufacturing and delivery (it very likely won't take 5 weeks to have your order ready). 

We wish you a very happy new year again, and we are looking forward to serving you again in early 2017 !

This discount period ends on January 31st, 12pm Japan Time.

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