March Special Sale

20% Off on all embroidery and engraving services + 10% on all wooden weapon bags

Spring is coming and the temperatures are getting perfect for training! Do you need new equipment to get ready for the warmer season? How about giving it a personal touch by embroider or engrave your name? Get 20% off on all embroidery and engraving services! You can choose from wide range of options and we can take care of the Japanese transcription of your name, for free, as the whole year round.

You already have the Dogi you need but are looking for a weapon bag that protects your Bokken and Jo? Profit this month from 10% discount: check out our weapon bag catalog - you'll definitely find a made in Japan model you like!

 Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

This discount period ends on April 1st, 12pm Japan Time.

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