March Sale

10% Off 2017's top 15 bestsellers

February has been busy, some new staff just came in for backup and the team is growing. That’s more hands on deck to take care of your orders, so don’t hesitate to keep us busy and we’ll do our best, as always, to keep our standards up and bring you the best of purely Japanese craftsmanship.

Winter’s over, spring is at our door and the Sakura are about to bloom. We’re in a light mood and we know what your favorites from last year are, so that’s 10% Off 2017's top 15 best sellers.

On the video front, we intend to keep the video feed flowing; our interviews with Baptiste Tavernier (Jukendo/Tankendo), parts , and the 35 vidéos of the are almost all online at the turn of March. A few more are on their way, so keep your eyes peeled, and the collection will be complete very soon!

The interview of Mrs. Kimura Yasuko, headmaster of the Naginata Tendo-Ryu Naginatajutsu is about to be released, and some new interviews are currently cooking. We have a few ideas for a some Seido Talks, probably coming soon, so stay tuned for more stuff!

Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

Note that this offer ends on March 30th, 10 AM (Japan time)

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