June Special Offer

10% Off on All Weapon Bags & Dogi/Hakama Bags

May has been a very short but extremely busy month. With the abdication of the emperor and the holidays that followed, we were closed until May the 7th. Our team doubled its efforts to catch up with your orders, but also to offer as much contents as usual (see report below).

The end of the school year is near, and many of your probably already started planning their summer seminars. So we though, what do we need for summer seminars? Bags! We're offering 10% OFF on all weapon carry bags as well as all Hakama & Dogi carry bags. This offer will be live until June 28th, 10 am (JPY).

May report

June is going to be a little less intense, as we need to prepare for summer, a period during which we will all take some well deserved holidays, alternately of course!
We still have more than 50 videos to publish, with a rhythm of about 1 video per day. And we have some very nice projects in discussion! We'll keep you updated.

Enjoy our contents, enjoy the discounts, and have fun on the mats!

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