Closing soon for update

Redefining e-commerce design will very soon be updating a brand new type of online store. It's not just a new design, it's countless new features and functionalities that also require in-depth modification of our database.

This is why we'll be closed for update for a maximum of 3 days from today (August 16th). We expect to be back online on August 17th, by 8pm (Japan Time) (but it may take a day longer... web development can be unpredictable).

Ongoing orders will be shipped as usual and shipping confirmation emails will be sent normally. In the meantime, if you've any question, you can click on "Contact us" (top right of the page) to drop us a line.

Amongst others, we've implemented the following:

  • Responsive & Fluid Design: developed in collaboration with the fantastic New Zealand based company Lucid
  • New Functionalities: such as a product builder that allows you to customize all your equipment directly on the product page, including new options and more. We have also implemented US metrics for all measurements on the website, added new currencies to the currency converter, optimized the information for customers from certain countries, added new content, new pictures, and - so many more things !
  • Continuity: We are still on the same technical platform, so there won't be loss of any kind concerning your order history or personal data. All past orders and customer account details remain the same and will be accessible in the new customer section with even more information than before.

In addition to the design, this update requires major changes in our database and therefore, the time we need to do that is only an estimation. It may be a bit faster, or a bit longer, but be sure our team is working very hard, 16/24 to get the site back online asap!

Please accept our apologies for the downtime, and see you very soon on the new version !

You can switch the currency (USD, EUR, CAD, etc.) and the metric system sitewide by using our tools menu, accessible from the tools button at the top right-hand side of the site.
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