August Special Sale

10% Off on ALL Kendogi, Iaidogi & Kendo/Iaido Hakama 

We're now in the middle of the summer period and the weather has become almost unbearable in the Dojo here in Japan. 
There will be a few days off mid-August for the O'Bon period which will be much appreciated by our team. 
We hope that you all have the occasion to take some time off this summer to rest a little, recharge your batteries, and prepare yourself for the new academic year. It's going to be here fast, so enjoy your summer time. 

Oh, yes, the discount. We're offering 10% OFF on ALL Kendogi, Iaidogi and on our Kendo/Iaido Hakama. We're counting more and more Koryu/Kobudo practitioners among our customers and we wanted to give them the opportunity to reequip with the best equipment available on the market at a fairly lower price than usual!

Note that this offer ends on August 28th, 12 PM (Japan time)

Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

August Special Sale
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