April Special Sale

10% Off on our 10 Dogi & Hakama Bestsellers

Spring is here, and the sakura are starting to bloom in Japan.
April is probably the best month for those who live in Japan. After the cold of the winter and before the raining period and the very hot summer, we feel that it's the right moment to be at our full potential.

April is also the begining of school year in Japan, so we, as well as our craftsmen are very busy but you know us, we're fast, really fast, and we've taken all the necessary measures to keep up our standards.

 Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on SeidoShop.com!

End of April/Begining of may is the Golden Week period, and we will be closed a few days, but we'll update the discounts before leaving, so this discount period ends on May 2nd, 12pm Japan Time.

Our holidays will be announced soon

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