55th All Japan Aikido - Ordering process

As usual, Seido will be at the All Japan Aikido Demonstration on May 27th at the Nippon Budokan!
Again this year, we'll have an English catalog available so don't hesitate to get one, we've also attached a (very nice) discount card to it.

We won't have all our products available for purchase an can't offer to embroider on site, but for those of you who need customized equipment for that day, we can get it ready for pick-up at the Budokan if ordered in advance. (check out below for details). On-site, we'll also have the same ordering system for custom products and embroideries to ensure that all goods will be virtually available, like last year (with a crazy fast embroidery/engraving service). Thus, foreign practitioners who are only here for a short period of time will be able to collect their embroidered/custom order directly at our office the day after (Sunday), or can opt for a delivery to their hotel by Monday or Tuesday.

For the third year now, we have decided to keep our double booth setup in order to provide the best possible presentation for the material, especially weapons, which take up much space. This will also allow us to allocate a bit of space to let you try on our Gis. We're looking forward to meet you there!

To prepare the "All Japan Aikido Embutaikai" event and process all orders registered on site, SeidoShop will be closed from May 26th to May 29th (our office will be open for pick up on May 28th and 29th, but for pick up only). Customer support over the phone will not be available during these days and your email inquiries might be answered with a little delay.

Of course, our website is ready to take your order 24/7, as always.

55th All Japan Aikido Demonstration - Ordering process

How to Order

Please use our contact form to send your order details including the following: 
- Product details (size, color, embroideries, etc.)
- Delivery (to your hotel or on site). 

SeidoShop Pricing for the Event

As you know, all prices on SeidoShop.com are shipping included and tax excluded. The shipping costs represent about 15% of the product price whereas taxes for orders delivered within Japan are at about 8%.
Therefore, the pricing for the products will be calculated differently than on SeidoShop.com, and further include a discount of about 5% on all items to be delivered at the event.

Delivery Details

We offer 2 solutions. On site delivery or hotel delivery.

  • On site delivery:
    > The event starts at 11 am. We will be on site at 8 am, and you can pick up your equipment as soon as the doors open.
    The event ends at 5 pm and we are asked to leave the premises as soon as possible, so all orders must be picked up before 5 pm.
  • Delivery at your hotel, the day of your arrival.
    We are able to deliver in Japan within a precise time frame (8am to 12am, 12am to 2pm, 2pm to 4pm, 4pm to 6pm, and after 6pm).
    Hotel delivery is charged 648 YEN.

Payment Methods

For this event, we will only accept credit card payment as currently available on the website.
Please note that we will only accept cash payments during the event.

If you wish to pay in cash on site, we can reserve the products for you, however, we will not be able to perform any customization prior to payment.

Products Offered

You will be able to choose from almost all in stock products and customization (embroidery/engraving) available on SeidoShop.com.
Made to order items will not be ready on time so you cannot order any item not available in stock.

You can switch the currency (USD, EUR, CAD, etc.) and the metric system sitewide by using our tools menu, accessible from the tools button at the top right-hand side of the site.
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